Welcome to our June 2013 Newsletter for the Mill Retreat Centre and NHR Organic Oils

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MILL RETREAT CENTREmillQuote ” The best Retreat Centre in the World”NHR ORGANIC OILSThe purest range of certified organic essential oils in the world.
Dear All,

Welcome to our June 2013 Newsletter for the Mill Retreat Centre and NHR Organic Oils, We have a lot of exciting news for you and a chance to win a Complete set of NHR Organic Essential Oils, worth £199 so please read on!There are some very special retreats and course happening at the Mill Retreat Centre over this Summer please read below.The next incredibly popular NHR Distillation course on Friday 6th to Monday 9th of September 2013 more details below.


A wonderful Women’s only Retreats called:

escape retreats



which will take place from 26th to 30th of July 2013 with Sushi Mahto and Natasha Saltzer. read below for details or click here http://www.escaperetreat.org/ **** BOOKING CLOSING DATE 15th JUNE 2013 *****


For Other Mill Retreat Centre Course please click here



The next NHR Organic Essential Oil distillation Courses will be:

Friday 6th to Monday 9th of September 2013 ( just a few places left)

To book a place please click here or for more information on the course. We advise booking soon if you would like a place as the course has become very popular.

If you would like to book a place on the next NHR Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Course in September 2013 £695 click here> 


For more detail on the course  click here>


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed everyone’s company on the NHR distillation course . I was blown away by the incredible talents and humour of those present and felt my enthusiasm for my chosen subject go through the roof. The whole course and the people on it were so inspirational for me and I’d also like to thank Kolinka and Star for all the wonderful information and experience we got from our classes. You are both very beautiful souls and thank you for taking the leaps that you have in the name of expanding the knowledge of essential oils out into the world and doing it with such a high standard of integrity and purity.


EXCELLENT – I would highly recommend it. ….keep up this WONDERFUL WORK.  I look forward to returning for another course. ……A1 – exceptional.


Kolinka’s – lovely energy and knowledge, heartfelt – passionate and good teacher.


Perfect balance of theory/practice.  Learnt so much yet never felt it was overwhelmingly busy.
NHR Organic Essential Oil distillation

Course Out line:

*Distillation of your own organic essential oils on site.

*Learning about the importance of organic farming to Soil Association standards, and growing aromatherapy plants in the Mill’s beautiful herb garden.

*The art of cooking with organic essential oils, to make delicious and nourishing meals.

*Exploring the subtle and energetic properties of essential oils, using colour, creativity and intuition.

*Learn the chemical constituents of organic essential oils and how these chemicals therapeutically affect the body. An explanation of GLC (Gas liquid Chromatography) charts.

*Learn the properties of 40 Organic Base Vegetable oils.

*Massage treatments with essential oils you have made yourself.

*Exercises and meditation.

*Lavender cupcakes made during the course.

*Cooking with Essential Oils.



The Mill Retreat Centre updates 2013:





Toyota optima coach Optima seatssmall Optima interiorsmall

For a super comfy journey, with reclining seats, curtains cooling fans and general comfyness.

We can now fit upto 26 people in the new Mill Coach

3. OUR SECOND NEW WAGON at The Mill Retreat Centre

wagon 2 small

As people so love sleeping by the river in them being lulles to sleep in luxuary by the rippling water.

We have added a lovely new outside bedroom in the form of a beautiful Gypsy wagon which people staying at the Mill Retreat Centre can choose if they want, it has a luxurious huge queens size bed inside and a cosy heater, with stained glass window, and is situated just next to the river and lake. It is so fun to be in; we think it will be an idyllic option for people who like to be closer to nature.

Escape Retreats


at the Mill Retreat Centre

escape retreats

A wonderful Womens only Retreat:

VITAL WOMAN SUMMER RETREAT which will take place from 26th to 30th of July 2013 with Sushi Mahto and Natasha Saltzer. read below for details or click here www.escaperetreat.org/

I have been dreaming of creating an inspirational female retreat for a long time and have recently set up the “Escape Retreats” VITAL WOMAN SUMMER RETREAT which will take place from 26th to 30th of July 2013 with Sushi Mahto and Natasha Saltzer.

Sushi does inspirational work with women as a doula, shiatsu practitioner and yoga teacher. We are both working

mums and know first hand how challenging it can be to get the balance right. Together we decided to dream up our perfect retreat, where we would most like to go if we could take some time for ourselves and that is how Escape Retreats was created. Natasha joined us at the perfect moment, to weave in her creativity and magic and offer our participants visionary workshops to allow them to really explore their needs as women.

We wanted to be able to drop everything, be somewhere beautiful and peaceful and have all our needs taken care of. To move our bodies, stretch, relax and be fed delicious energising food. We also wanted to have the time to explore what it is we most need to achieve that state in our everyday lives with inspirational teachers guiding us.

I have been working mainly with women for some years now. I look closely at why my clients are out of balance taking into account every possible factor so that together we can create a programme that will reduce stress in their system and address any unmet needs. Over the years I have become more and more in awe of the extraordinary women that I meet and work with because of their ability to juggle so many things. There is a common thread that runs through these women though and that is they usually give so much more than they receive and very often put their needs aside for so long that they lose sight of what those needs are.

This theme ran through a Path of Pollen training that I did at The Sacred Trust called Arte Tryptych where we worked with the sacred nature of the feminine. One of the teachers, Kate Shela used the hive as metaphor for how its possible to live as a woman. The female bees work as one each doing tiny amounts with pleasure while communing with their sisters. Each worker bee does the work she is most suited to and in this way each bee is supported by the hive which as a whole achieves miracles.

This is such a contrast to our society where many women who are taking care of their family and home whilst also working, completely exhausted yet continuing to smile and pretending that they are OK, that they can carry on, all the time on the edge of burn out. And many are unable to admit they need support or ask for it. The bar is set so high these days for women. Our female ancestors would never have dreamed of trying to do all that we do.

The teachings that were shared by my teachers at The Sacred Trust were based around honouring our needs as women and becoming truly nourished so that we can become our best expression of ourselves. And that light will touch and inspire everyone we have contact with. My experience in following this wisdom is that love, support, creativity, laughter and time just to be are as

important as good nutrition, exercise and sleep. I remember my first visit to The Sacred Trust. I had been working too hard and felt tired and fragile. The combination of the feeling of sisterhood and love from the women I worked with and the incredible food

that they gave us, sent me into a blissful state which I will never forget. It was so inspiring to realise that it might be possible to create that state in my everyday life. That it could be possible to feel that way all the time.

The place we chose to run our retreats is somewhere that feels like the most peaceful place in the world to me and that is The Mill Retreat Centre in France. See http://www.millretreatcentre.com/ for amazing photos. There’s a feeling of such space, light and clear energy inside the house and the grounds are so beautiful and include a lake and converging rivers. I particularly love the gathering around fires both inside and outside which feels central to the magic of the group energy there.

The food element of the retreat felt really key to me – I often hear from my clients “ I wish someone could just do it for me!” when they are transitioning from processed foods to more nutritious meals. We want our guests to feel energised and light but at the same time nourished and satisfied from the delicious tastes. The solution was to find two very talented raw food chefs to create the food for us. The brief we gave them was to design a menu which will be nutritious and cleansing but taste incredible and be completely satisfying. Amy Levin specialises in raw patisserie and chocolate and will be offering her amazing concoctions at afternoon tea.  Russell James is a well known raw food chef who makes food into an art form. Its a chance to experience how foods can be used as medicine without any compromise on taste.

Natasha will be leading shamanic workshops focused on exploring our own intuition and ability to really see what we need in our lives, what might be missing and how we can bring this in. She is an energy healer whose work I know well and have enormous respect for.

Sushi will be teaching movement classes and yoga in the beautiful attic space which will allow our participants to come fully into their bodies and start each day feeling energised and grounded ready for the inspiration that follows. Sushi will be with the group throughout the retreat to provide loving support to anyone who needs it.

I will be offering participants the chance to look in detail at their health with me and explain how their hormones, digestion and energy are all linked. This will include advice on how to strengthen each system to create energy and vitality. There will be a unique focus for each woman and this work will be done during one on one sessions.

Our intention is that each woman returns home feeling energised and happy with a sense of what they need to live a full and passionate life and knowing that by honouring their own needs they will gain the strength to achieve whatever they dream of.

It will be a time for complete nourishment, magic, fun and transformation.

We are all so looking forward to this Vital Woman Retreat. To join us please go to http://www.escaperetreat.org/ for more details. We have tried to keep the costs right down and so are only charging £625 for the whole 5 days including all accommodation, extraordinary food and teachings.


*****WIN A COMPLETE SET OF NHR ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS******200707310928391_Essential-Oil-Set 200708052202112_Inside-Essential-Oil-.jpgFor the chance to win a A complete set of Organic Essential Oils worth £199  

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We have some exciting new Products at NHR Organic Oils please click here for details


Diffuser made form beautiful round Maple wood Ultrasonic size medium


Diffuser small Beautiful real maple wood round Medium sized ultrasonic essential oil aromatherapy diffuser.

approx size 15cm x15cm

will be available from approx mid June 2013 but you can order it now.



Beautiful hand printed NHR Organic Cotton Bag £9.95



Certified Organic unbleached 100% cotton bag.

Hand screen printed by artist Georgia Novis with NHR Organic Oils shop front in turquoise, and with NHR Logo in black on reverse.

This Beautiful NHR Earth Positive bag was manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power.

Produced under Global Organic Textile Standard from Indian Cotton.


We do hope you are happy to receive information from us.

With love,

All at NHR Organic Oils

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