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The Purest Range of Certified Organic Essential Oils in The World
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Customer Feedback

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your OILS they are my top favourites.   I spoke to the man who is behind the company many years ago before he launched it. I must congratulate him on his taste and aromas, BEST OF THE BEST! and thank you for the orange oil complimentary !  I am so excited to use these oils, my favourite is peppermint!  Thank you order received with grattitude, - from Helen

'Hi , Recieved products and I am impressed. Here is my feedback "Lovely well packaged products. An outstanding customer service. NHR Organic Oils are high end essential oils but at an affordable price. Oils which have that little extra something and customer service that goes a step further. The oils will be used in our organic natural skin care range." Kind regards, Dean'

Hi there wonderful NHR team you're still the "best oils in the world exaggeration" with HUGE gratitude and love, a v. old customer, max xxx  Wilcocks 

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for getting my order here today - the oils have just arrived safely. Furthermore the oils look to be the best quality I have seen - amazing! I won't be ordering form anywhere else again!” Kate Hamilton
"I am very happy with the oils, by the way, they are the best ones I've ever tried!” Maria Montana
"Thank you for getting my order to me in such super fast time. I'm delighted that you shipped out my order so very fast and am so very happy with all that I ordered - just wonderful and beautiful oils. I'm a delighted customer...thank you again!” Shona Alexander
"Your level of customer service is exemplary and a rarity in this age where customers are not always treated with the seriousness that they deserve. Even though the mistake concerning the sell-by-date was down to my misinterpretation, your handling of the situation was totally appreciated. I will continue to use and recommend NHR Organic Oils to my friends and/or anyone who is interested in purchasing good quality base and essential oils. Many thanks and well done for setting such a high standard of customer service.” Frances Dove

"An aromatherapist friend told me about NHR, and I immediately fell in love with them. I haven’t bought any other brands since! Our company Raw Living promotes the raw foods lifestyle to people in many ways, and one of these is our own brand range of foods. Our most popular line is the raw chocolate bars – this is chocolate that is healthy as it is delicious, and many people become addicted (in a good way!). We use NHR oils in two of our bars: the Hi-Buzz, which contains orange oil as well as pollen and Chinese herbs, and Hi-Lovers, which contains rose oil, and other plant foods said to open the heart chakra. We also put the oils in several of our raw chocolate cakes: my favourite is the Lavender and Purple corn cake. Most recently, we have launched some skincare products, all using the NHR oils. We have the Alpha Dream Supreme Cream, which is a heavenly glittery body cream for women, and Hi-Bath, a chocolate bar to melt in your bath. Coming in the next few months are bath salts (Soak, Submerge, and Splash), and a skin cream for men, Alpha Dream Dragon Cream. These are, of course, all raw products, in keeping with our ethos, and they all contain super foods as well. We believe in treating our skin to the same excellent foods that we do our stomachs! I personally started using essential oils when I lived near Baldwins in Elephant & Castle in 1990. In twenty years, I have never come across another brand of oils that comes remotely close to NHR. To my mind, they are in a class of their own, unparalleled, and to go back to using another brand would be like being forced to shop at Tesco’s after having the luxury of having a farm shop or farmer’s market to stock up from. They are, quite simply, divine!” Kate Magic

"I have tried many aromatherapy suppliers over the years, but NHR Organic are quite simply the best quality essential oils I have ever used  head and shoulders above the rest! Service and customer care are also second to none."  Peter Sedgeley

"I am having really amazing results using your essential oils on my clients. I feel this is due to the purity.
I was taught by Shirley Price and have always used her oils, but am now phasing them out to be replaced by NHR Organic Oils." Myschell Lyndle

"Thanks to you all for providing an excellent service (and for such gorgeous oils!)" Julie Day

"I wanted to let you know that NHR oils are my absolute favourite to use, especially this geranium oil which I use every day"
"I have found your oils to be the best quality of any I have experienced and will continue to pass the word on."
 Erica Berglund  USA

"I am really impressed with your products they are of a really high quality. I used every last drop of your moisturiser!" Mr. J. Field

"I am a Reiki Master, and now use your oils in attunements. I have found them to be manifoldly better than all other oils I have tried. The fast and powerful healing potency achieved from these oils far outweighs paying the little extra. I have been so impressed that I bought NHR Aromatherapy Kits for all my family at Christmas!" Chris Massey.

"Congratulations on the high quality of your oils. I think the fact that they are organic must make a big difference. I have noticed the difference in potency between your tea tree oil & others I have used for my family & my patients. Maybe, some time within the next century, organic will be the worlds standard for many things" Mr. Sean Barkes.
"We really appreciate the quick response from you and we can confirm that your company really makes a good impression. We are really pleased" Cedrus Ltd.

"I've been using your organic moisturising lotion in Rose, which is absolutely fantastic". Janet Galbraith

"We have had very good feedback on your products from our customers."
Galloping Organics

"Your tea tree is the best I have ever had!"

"You provide excellent service" Janet Githiri

"Your products continue to be outstanding in every way" Dawn Gough

"Thank you for your very professional service". Healing Plants  Hong Kong

"I am looking forward to my clients' response to your wonderful aromas..." Inner Sanctum

"We tested some essential oils by Kinesiology, your essential oils were excellent. It was exciting, and quite shocked me." Ako Koshika practitioner

"Wonderful website, easy to navigate.  Nice to see more organic products available."
Aromatherapy Magazine  Paul Lawrence

"Thanks for your great service!  Pippa Lee

"Your products are of the highest quality........." Carrie Martini

"The quality of your oils is unsurpassed...." Max Edie

"As a therapist I like the idea that you help charity as well as supplying good quality oils."
Mr. John McDonald

"Your products are some of the most beautifully packaged I have ever seen  not to mention high quality & fairly priced. Keep up the good work!" Ms. Leslie Mello

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful website" Claire Milczarek
"Your lavish oils!!!………….How wonderful the oils were and how I loved their packaging…I know success is yours because you have so much heart" J. Mullen

"Your article ... I found it so fantastic it's about time someone spoke up about the Internal use of essential oils, I use oils by mouth  I know they work as I have used them for quite a long time. Of course there are guidelines (and common sense) when taking these oils by mouth.  I love the idea of being able to see the natural colour of the oil and I am sure I could retail your beautiful creations to my clients"
C. Wild

"I just wanted to say how very impressed and grateful I am that my delivery of oils ordered last Friday
arrived on Saturday. This is a superb service to add to your already extremely high credentials.
Thank you." Angela Noon

"...I will be recommending your products! Bina Pattel

"Thank you for your help and excellent service". Bernadette Rae

"I am a qualified aromatherapist... and recently bought a few of your oils and I am totally enraptured by them. They are beautiful." Remah

"I have heard such good things about your oils." Aislind Reynolds

 "I trust your company will continue to prosper as your products and services are of the best quality."
J. Shopland

"I am very happy with your products and service" Miss Alison Smith

 "My son uses moisturiser for shaving. Very pleased with it." Rebecca Steele

"It is such a refreshing change to find a company with such good customer care. Much appreciated." Rachelle Strauss

"Your company has a very generous and positive spirit and creates an attraction to do business with you."
The Astrology Shop

"By the way, I recently bought the organic base oil  what a great product!" Avni Trivedi

"Your website is very impressive and easy to use." Dorothy Walsh

"Can I just say what a brilliant delivery system you've got, I ordered online after 6pm last night and I was astounded when everything was delivered this morning before I left." Ros Ward

"What a service!  As well as an excellent product."

" I only wish more companies were as ethical."

"Many thanks. Can I just say that your lavender shampoo is the first shampoo I have used which does not irritate my sensitive scalp.  It has taken me years to find you!  Please don't add anything more to the ingredients, this blend is obviously right combination". Phillipa Wilson

"It is brilliant to use nonchemical products with the minimum of ingredients because this reduces skin intolerances, keep up the good work that you have started." K. Woods

"People love the quality of your oils, and come back for repeat orders"………
………."What a great service you provide!"     Paul Tucker  Equilibrium, East Sussex.

"Your delivery service is excellent" Verity Dovey

"I am very impressed with your products, I have passed on to other people your website"
Robert Jackson USA

"I love your lavender shampoo and conditioner!" Alison ArmstrongEvans

"I love your products and your packaging!" Melinda Letzing USA

Your Meditation Tape is the best I have ever tried" Dawn Sanders

"Your customer service is to be admired. Thank you" Jane Iredale USA

"It is a delight to deal with a company that not only supplies superior products, but one that obviously sees customer satisfaction as an important basic concept.
I will have no hesitation in buying all my essential oils, and related products, from your company, and will recommend your goods and service at every opportunity" Linda Wright.

Today I could not believe that I found your package in my morning mail. I ordered only the day before yesterday. How did you manage to deliver in a day all the way across Europe? But what is most important is that I feel I should thank you for the most amazing essential oils and floral waters I have ever come across. I still cannot believe the smell of untreated neroli and rose oils. You can consider me a customer for life. Unbelievable products  amazing service. Thank you again.  Evie Bolomiti  Greece.

"Thanks for your efficient and friendly service………….I was really impressed!" Linda Baker

"Fantastic website & very quick service  wonderful  Thank you!" Anonymous

"Your oils…the quality is incomparable. Many thanks for a fabulous website" Jay Lauder

"Appreciated your special concession on my first order as a business. This made our initial contact very personal. Quality of products and standard of presentation is Excellent. Looking forward to putting in my next order"  K. Overzee

"Very impressed with the packaging, especially the bottles and essential oil containers. I will be ordering from you again." Paul Lefever  Natural Therapy Centre, Norfolk.

"I am your new customer  I love your oils!" Monika Bendall.

"Very good service…………… " Anonymous.

"Excellent service   fast delivery, lovely oils" Anonymous

"I ordered my oils at 4.30pm. They arrived the following morning by first class post.
Now that's what I call service! Thank you NHR for the most beautiful oils!" Christine O'Reilly

"I was thrilled with your prompt delivery……" Pauline Love

"Good quality oil, the best I have used." Linda Boardman

"Excellent service and delivery. Quick, with no messing. Products lovely" J. Rawlings

"The best I've used." Alex Zinga

"Fantastic!!" Kathleen Charters

"Using your lavender shampoo and conditioner my hair has never looked so good" Alison ArmstrongEvans.

"Many thanks for your efficient and considerate service.
Your service and products are truly excellent. Thank you for your hard work!" N. ShahKazemi

"I would like to say your oils are exceptionally grand. I am currently teaching the first' level 1' of the New year and my students do a "smelling" of assorted oils from various sources.
Unquestionably NHR came out top." Gayle E. Volger, Director of Education   Honolulu School of Massage, Regional Director & NAHA "CASE" approved educator

"Aware of personal service, prompt delivery, lovely packaging, and most of all safe products in this world of chemicals." Mrs. Linda Cockley

"Extremely happy with prompt service, and more importantly with the quality of your oils  I wouldn't use any other brands on my clients, family or friends." Anna Parsons  Practitioner

"Excellent service  dealt with my postal problem straight away. Essential oils are the best, well packaged. Would recommend." Ms. R. de Moura

"I have ordered and used your oils in the past and I absolutely adore them…" Theodora Angelakopoulou.

"Many thanks for your prompt and careful customer service  and the chocolate was delicious!"
Barbara Vallender.

"Excellent service, packaging, & products" Jackie Berry.

"I have used your oils and find them so beautiful and precious…" Pat Perischine

I have to let you know that I really am VERY, VERY impressed with this amazing Vitality bath oil.
It has completely cleared up a chronic/intermittent skin infection that I have had for a long time, even though other products were very ineffective!!!  You really ought to realise how little of it needs to be used, and how POWERFUL it is! In the light of this, it is my opinion that it could take this market by storm!!!…Thanks again for supplying me with this incredible oil! "       Stephen Winter.       

"I think your oils are absolutely fantastic………all my clients have noticed the difference"
Joy Pugh, Holistic Therapist.

"All of your products which I bought last year were excellent in their aroma as well as their quality!"
Masayo Ito  Japan

"Thank you for your time, consideration and patience…………"   Jill Minkeroff, Sterling Forest, USA.

"My first order  very efficient and friendly service & arrived very quickly. Lovely almond oil.
Perfume of lavender far superior to the one I am currently using. As a member of the Soil Association
it is important to see their symbol as a mark of authenticity! Great!" Mrs. R. E. Saxby

"…. Everything was very well packaged" Mrs. C. Oldham, Ipswich.

"Your Samadhi massage Oil is wonderful! I put a little on my wrists before bedtime
and it completely relaxes me" Kate McIntosh, Ayrshire.

"Your products are so beautifully simple  so gentle!" Mrs. Marie Clive  Brighton.

"It's so nice to know I can rely on you all. " Lisa Bowen, Australia.

"1st CLASS SERVICE (if only all businesses were the same!)

"Your oils are incredibly beautiful! I am a student, and my first 'case study client' said, "You have completely restored my faith in aromatherapy". Her experience was very profound. I thank the value of the oils.
PS. your packaging is so lovely" Charlotte Kaimer, London.

"Very powerful and pure  their effect is immediate  Lovely!"  A. Lloyd, Norfolk.

"The organic Vitality oil and tea tree soap is working wonders for the senile warts which have been bothering me. I have also passed them on to my friends." Mrs. L. Hopkins, Cambridge.

"I would like to introduce my students to your lovely oils…………" Sally Tyler  Aromatherapy teacher.

"Perfume perfect as usual…………" Mrs. V. Morriss, Devon.

"Many thanks for wonderful products and excellent customer service." Julia Ovenden, London.

"I am grateful for your attention to detail"  Janet Haswell  Practitioner.

"I am enjoying using your oils and will have pleasure in recommending you to others".  Anne Cooper.

"Excellent website!" Philomena Brennan  Ireland.

"……you have a business that is without equal, and one of which you should be very proud."
 Peter Merrett, Kent

"Fast & Accurate service  Thank you."   J. Fekete

"Very good customer service"  Ann James

 "Please can I order 3 more bottles of Breathe Easy  it's Marvelous!"  Marea Adam.

"I can't speak highly enough about your product" Gayle Volger  Tutor at the Honolulu School of Massage

"My baby boy absolutely LOVES your organic lavender floral water!!" Shona Alexander

"I recently massaged your Oregano and Inula on my neck glands for flu, and had amazing results.
My flu lasted a week, whereas my partner's who didn't use the oils lasted for 1 month!" Denise Parker

"Wonderful products!  Kassandra  Practitioner, South Africa

"I've been an aromatherapist for nine years, and these are the best oils that I have come across 
They are absolutely fabulous!" Jenny Braim, Practitioner.

After working with aromatherapy oils for over 25 years, these oils are the best. Absolutely fabulous!
Wow!  ...and all that jazz…. Loved seeing the oil colours, and loved the containers they are in."
E. G. Burdon

"I received the oils this morning and they are absolutely fantastic!" Rachel Stanley

"Once again I am very impressed with your service, advice and products. Thank you."   Lesley Wrigley

"I want to use products on my clients that I would wish to be used on me. Your beautiful oils help in this endeavour. Pure bliss in a bottle" Deborah Hunt

"Thank you for such quality products and friendly service!" Asako Ogawa

"……the oils which arrived in perfect conditions and smell sublime! I know I will be using NHR solely for the rest of my practicing career!" Ami Lewington  Practitioner

"My cousin uses your products and assures me they are the best in the business!" Catherine Crossan

"I must say how impressed I am with your delivery service!"  Lesley BorzoniBeamand

"Thank you for your great service!"  Randy Esson  USA

"Just to say thank you then  for making a postage reduction on a small order. These kind of things go a long way in customer relations I can tell you! I think there are an increasing number of us who prefer to support small local and ecologically sound businesses."  Kay Cruse.

"The products are everything I hoped for…..Already mixed up a batch of oils and had a very pleasant nights sleep as a result"  Mary Freeman

"I am looking forward to my clients response to your wonderful aromas am sure I will be placing further orders with you soon"  Denise at Rainbows End Therapies

"Just like I thought they would be...absolutely fabulous.  Finally, oils I am not scared to put on my body" Debra Edan  Therapist. Florida, USA

"Thank you so much. Everything was wonderful, as always. The Neem Oil is amazing!"
 Lyn Middlehurst

"I received the Mimosa this morning and it is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sourcing such a pure product for me."  Lyn Middlehurst

"Fantastic service!"  Elizabeth Lynham  Practitioner.

"I have to commend you on your level of customer service  I have always found the NHR service to be excellent."  Emma Haines

"Your oils just arrived with discount and book, so sorry for doubting your faultless service."
 Lisa ArmourBrown

"Thank you to you and your colleagues for such an efficient service and for NHR's wonderful oils"
 Linda Wilkins

"Thank you for the lovely products"
 Anne Arnold

 "Your Organic Grapeseed oil is the finest I have ever used"
Elizabeth O'Rourke, Rosa y Fruta (USA)

"...the moisturiser and soap  they're as usual, wonderful...
Sarah Ropella

"Dear Rupa, I can rely on you for efficient service, and on your oils for the highest quality available. I never hesitate to recommend your oils to friends. I have just sent your brochure to a family in Tavistock who loved the spearmint oil I use". Best wishes  Linda Wilkins

"It is always a pleasure to order because whoever I speak to are friendly and professional. The service is always excellent and the oils superb.. Mary Smallwood.

"Received the most wonderful massage from a friend using your superb oils" JohnPaul Ploch

"Your customer service is exceptional and surpassed all expectations!"  Jacqueline Hehir

"The Neroli and Frankincense are the best I have found so far, well worth every penny!"  Lucy Russell

"Many thanks for my oils received today  such excellent service after phoning yesterday and placing my order" Betty Alderman

"Since I've tried this Organic Rosa damascena, it's hard to use any other one, as it's truly the best I ever tried" Ana Kosir 

"Hello this is Kadi at Gryphon's Roost Day Spa and Gallery. We just received our order and I wanted to thank you, it is so refreshing to see a company ship their material in bio degradable paper instead of foam pop corn. What a wonderful thing to see this morning as I opened up your shipment."  Gryphon's Roost USA.