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The Purest Range of Certified Organic Essential Oils in The World
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Why Buy from NHR Organic Oils?


* Buy 1ml to 10 litres online and up to 1000 litres/KG by contacting NHR Organic Oils.

* We only use certified Organic ingredients in all our products. 

* We specialise is the highest quality certified organic oils at the most competitive prices, we will endeavour to beat any bulk quantity quote.

* Food grade essential oils. 100% of our organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils are also food grade certified as well as organic certified making them the highest quality grade possible that one can buy.

* NO ingredients are tested on animals. None of our products are tested on animals.

* We don't use emulsifiers, colouring or artificial fragrances, synthetic additives or GMO's, or in fact anything that is not certified Organic and natural.
* We do not use any preservatives in our products. 99% of other organic and natural manufacturers use preservatives which allow a longer shelf life - a more convenient factor when bulk bottling - but at what cost to your body? We are not prepared to compromise in any way with the purity of our organic range. Hence we bottle by hand in small batches to keep everything fresh for when you place your order. The shelf life may be shorter (6 months minimum to up to 2 years, less for essential oils waters) because of our dedication to purity if you are looking for a sterile products we cannot guarantee any of our products are sterile especially floral waters and essential waters and some base oils, which are your responsibility to test before use. We will refund you the cost of the product only if any issues are found which is rare, but with any pure natural product will occur. You are using the purest certified organic products you can buy in the world.

NHR's Testing And Analysis Procedure
* NHR Organic Oils continues an extensive research and testing programme on sourcing the most potent certified Organic clinical grade essential oils.
We feel confident to say it is one of the most comprehensive ranges of oils available anywhere, now totalling nearly 100 Organic essential oils alone.
* Our testing facilities now include the use of the most up-to-date GC-MS (Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry) laboratories in the UK and France, which can detect down to 0.001% trace substances.
Each oil is individually tested and analysed to detect the exact proportion and quantities of correct components. For example when choosing an Organic Lavender we would check the oil contains a proportion of esters "exprimes" in linalyl acetate varying between 35 and 55 p 100 on the GC-MS chart thus verifying a clinical grade oil.


* We check there are no adulterants present or chemical residues of any sort, guaranteeing that the source of growing is from a certified Organic farm.
* We have reports of extraction methods, and farming techniques, keeping a close check on the crop quality and harvest over the whole season.
* When we finally select an Organic essential oil from numerous samples and reports, we then meticulously examine them for:
  • Colour - Consistency highly important as it indicates just how pure and balanced the oil is, a lost art in the aromatherapy world, due to the use of brown glass bottles which hide the oils' colour.
  • Viscosity - How the oils feels on the skin. Texture and consistency indicates the quality of the extraction method and therefore quality of the oil.
  • Aroma - We carefully evaluate the aroma for its full note range. Using our professional experience to select the purest and most balanced oils amongst the batch being tested.
* After over 10 years of research and testing we know our range of Certified Organic oils is simply the most vital and pure you can find in the world . It is a real pleasure at last to make these precious oils more readily available than they have ever been.
* Over 95% of essential oils on the market are of very low quality and many are mixed with synthetic chemicals, which can be harmful. NHR Organic Oils are the highest quality, purest certified Organic oils you can buy in the world.
* NHR Organic Oils is powered by wind powered sourced electricity.
* The production process itself is ecologically sound: water is recycled, no environmentally damaging chemicals are used for bleaching and the energy comes from natural gas. The majority of our packaging is    recycled.
* Our essential oils are packaged in beautiful clear glass bottles, enabling their different vibrant colours to be appreciated.
* NHR supports various charities;
  • Martletts Hospice
  • Free Organic food and seed project in Brighton 2005/6
  • MLI Meditation retreat Centre France
  • Aids foundation GB "Body and Soul"
  • Children's HIV charity 2004/2005


NHR Organic Oils was one of the first companies in the world to specialise in certified organic and food grade oils.

NHR Organic Oils now has the largest range of Soil Association certified organic oils you can buy in the world.

NHR Organic Oils specialises in selecting the purest most potent certified organic oils. Our testing and selection procedures are second to none, It is very similar to selecting a good wine. We sample hundreds of samples before selecting the perfect oil. You can be assured the oils you buy from NHR are pure potent and certified organic.

The purer the aromatherapy essential oil the more potent the therapeutic effects, most oils sold are very low quality and simply do not work.

NHR Organic Oils specialise in selling organic chemical free 100% pure body care range.

NHR Organic Oils has thousands of positive feedback statements from our clients to testify to the extraordinary high quality and effectiveness of our oils and the great service our company gives.

NHR Organic Oils offers next day delivery, personal friendly service, worldwide delivery, discount rates for loyal customers and practitioners.

NHR Organic Oils sells a huge range of sizes of oils from 1ml to 1000 litres. We are as happy to supply you with one 10ml bottle of your favourite organic lavender oil to a 200kg drum of organic lavender to a large producer.

NHR Organic Oils sells a huge range of certified organic products from: Organic Gold & Frankincense Chocolate and over 100 certified Organic Essential oils to, organic Shampoo, Organic Kit Boxes for Children, a Complete Set of Organic essential oils and much more.

NEW PRODUCTS - NHR Organic Oils specialises in introducing ground breaking new organic products often many years before anyone else.

See our beautiful Organic Mother & Baby range.

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