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NHR Organic Oils is now fully supporting the Milimani School and Orphanage in Kenya permanently after it ran out of funds
and was going to have to close down.

NHR Organic oils have been involved with the Milimani Orphanage in Kenya for a number of years now. It has 165 vulnerable children and around 15 staff and teachers. Recently it has been a huge challenge for them to find funding and the coronavirus is putting extra pressure on the orphanage. 

So this year NHR Organic Oils now funds the whole orphanage. It is run by Victor Odula and his and my vision is to transform it from a struggling orphanage into a thriving school with amazing opportunities for the children. A lot of the children are very vulnerable some with HIV and little prospects of getting skills or a proper education. The school is surrounded by extreme poverty, often with the older children being forced or coerced into the sex trade and drugs to get enough money to survive and the only way to earn money. We have a real opportunity to work directly with this orphanage which I know very well and have been involved with for over 15 years, so every pound you and we donate goes directly to them.

 For example, the total running costs for all the 15 staff and feeding the 165 children is less than £10,000 per year for everything. A huge amount of money for the orphanage, but for us relatively much less, this would hardly pay the wages for one person in the UK.
NHR Organic Oils is paying this amount at the moment to fund the whole orphanage. But they are only just surviving and I would love to see them thrive, and be given a real chance in all their lives, so please donate to this worthy cause where each pound will actually make a true difference to these children. Every pound you give will be given directly to the Milimani Orphanage. 
The money will pay for the following projects which will last for years to come and transform the lives of these children so they will have the skills to actually work and have a real chance in their lives

A forest and vegetable environmental Centre - £1,565 

Computer ICT Resource Centre and class with 20 PCs - £7,001
A vocation Centre for carpentry and welding - £5,843 

A tailoring and dressmaking class with all materials - £4,114 

A farming course and field to farm on - £3.307

Transportation Vehicle - £7,090 

GRAND TOTAL £28,921 

For a full breakdown and business plan of costs of how the money raised will be use please click here

The total is to set up all these projects and to a give the children real practical skills to both feed themselves and find work and transform their lives, rather than just barely survive - is only £28,921 

NHR Organic Oils is going to donate £5000 of this amount on top of the running costs for the whole orphanage that we already donate.

PLEASE will you help us raise the rest of the money? It is a relatively small amount of money for us. If we all contribute £50 to £500, it will make a huge difference to hundreds of children for years to come, as this amount is a one-off fee to set up all these projects.
Watch x 2 short 1 minute videos of the children click here and click here

Photos below from the Milimani Academy Orphanage 2020
"Dear Kolinka and NHR Organic Oil Company, Thanks for accepting to support the school financially. Your support has brought enormous contributions towards the orphaned children and the entire orphanage in general. With your financial support, we are able to feed the orphans at the school. The orphans only rely on this food we provide. Some of the kids are on HIV drugs which require them to feed properly. Feeding the children has always been a problem in the institution and we are glad you helped us go over it, we thank you for the support. We were also able to purchase learning materials for the children. We are managed to pay teachers their monthly salaries and this has impacted positively on the teachers' motivation to work without fear of lack of payments. We really appreciate your help and this has really helped us to steadily run the orphanage. We are looking forward to your continued support. - 

Victor Odula (Director, Milimani Rusinga Organization)

Read the Milimani Orphanage newsletters 2020 click here and 2019 Click here
Milimani Financial report 2020 or see the Milimani website click here
Financial report 2021
Project Status Report

It used to be funded by the UN but funding stopped last year, and it was threatened with having to close down.
It has 165 vulnerable children and 15 teachers, so NHR Organic Oils now 80% funds the whole orphanage, which we have pledged to do for 2020, until they can find further funding.



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