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Product List - Miscellaneous

Michal Levin Energy Remedies Set of X 3 Remedies

This is a set of three beautiful energy remedies. Created by Michal Levin, they are sold in glass micro 1 ml vials with silk coloured ribbons. 

Please note  We only have a limited quantity.

We are not sure at this stage if Michal will be making any more, but it is a possibility. It has been a huge amount of work and energy for Michal to create these very special and powerful energy remedies.

1. Peace and Purity, which comes with a blue ribbon
2. Freedom from Fear, which comes with a green ribbon
3. Brave and Beautiful, which comes with a pink ribbon.

Note from Kolinka Zinovieff: 
I have worked with Michal Levin now for nearly 25 years and her ability to help and transform peoples lives and energy is deeply inspiring, I have just put on The "Freedom from Fear" remedy as they arrived today and I am really enjoying the experience.
I am selling them at cost price, so all the money raised will go towards supporting Michal Levin and her work at the Michal Levin Institute see below for more details or click here I cannot think of any work more important than this to support, it is basically helping us all become more integrated and who we truly are and deepen our connection with our hearts and spirits and humanity.

Description from Michal Levin:



Here in England we have been enjoying several days of sunshine - interspersed with high winds and changeable conditions. I think everyone has been making the best of the good weather when it has shown itself. It has been a very necessary antidote to the stress which,

actually, is creeping into all aspects of our lives with a very peculiar stealth.

Our troubled circumstances – whether harsh underlying economic, social, physical or more subtle disruptive circumstances, continue for most of us. I do not see our situation changing significantly very soon, though I hope this finds you and yours safe, and holding fast to the light.

I am writing with a very particular offer that might be helpful to you - but a little background first.

On April 1 st 2020 I gave a talk over the web spurred by the number of emails I had received from those deeply troubled by the Covid outbreak and its consequences. I did not talk about the medical situation, or the politics (much), but rather I talked about karma, and energetics

and how to deal with our circumstances in the most constructive, developmental or evolutionary way. (The talk was posted on the web for attendees who wanted to listen again.)

Then on April 18th I led a meditation, again web based, for those who connect with our Values Family - everyone who aspires to hold similar values (you?). Again, I had many thank you letters, but also an intriguing request.

The request came from my friend and long-time member of our group, Kolinka Zinovieff (of NHR Organic Oils 24 Chatham Place Brighton BN1 3TN Organic Oils). Kolinka remembered that many years ago I used to give clients energy remedies, in physical form, with some very successful results over a number of years.

Couldn’t I make some remedies that would be useful now, he asked?

As it happened, I had been experimenting with remedies for several months, and trying them out on myself. My body was compromised, perhaps by radiation exposure in childhood, and/or for whatever other reasons. As some of you know, I need to work hard on maintaining physical well-being. But physical remedies, even supplements, are often too harsh for me, so I have been experimenting with devising energy remedies.

Kolinka’s question came at just the right time. I have found three "recipes” that I think are helpful in strengthening the body’s energetic core in the face of both internal and external pressures. Now - let’s be very clear. I am not suggesting a cure, or a vaccination or any kind of remedy against Covid19. Absolutely not. But I am suggesting three remedies that may,

perhaps, on the subtle level that we work, help you maintain your energetic self in the turbulence of the current circumstances, and strengthen your core.

I had not thought of offering them to anyone else. Not least because of the time, trouble and expense of doing so. It’s hard to describe the cost of formulating the remedies on me.

The strongest active constituent in the remedies is my highest energy - just as when I offer as I occasionally still do, to take a group on a meditation journey and show them dimensions they would not reach by themselves, or harness the power of the light to offer them healing. I have tried to encapsulate a version of that energy in three different remedies.

Now hearing what I was doing, Kolinka immediately offered help – practical, financial and admin help! So - I set to work. Of course, I have only been able to make a limited quantity, but with luck, in time, perhaps I may be able to make a few more.

We have put together a pack of three tiny vials, each containing one of each of the three "energy remedies”. A vial can be hung around your neck, inside your clothes. Best if the vial touches your skin. If you wear a bra, you can tuck a vial into that, to lie beside your skin.

The ribbon threaded through the vial is important too. It is best not to tamper with that, (don’t be tempted to change it if for example you think you would like a different colour ribbon, or a cord, or something else). But, of course, you can wear two or even three vials at the same time if you are drawn to do so.

The vials will be effective for a year, maybe more, at the end of which time, I may be able to offer a "top up service”, but let’s see where we are in 2021.

The only caveats I would add are that it is better not to let anyone else handle your vial once you start to wear it. And best not to sleep in it.

So, the three vials are:

Peace and Purity, which comes with a blue ribbon.

Freedom from Fear, which comes with a green ribbon.

Brave and Beautiful, which comes with a black, or strong pink ribbon.

If you would like to purchase a set you can do so here.

I hope you enjoy my "energy remedies” and that they reach deep within you and strengthen

your most authentic self.

Go well, be well,



See  For more details on Michals work



Aromatherapy Oil Candle Burner

A stylish one piece design, available in pure white. 

Use with your favourite essential oils. 

The great thing about this burner is that the basin is very deep and can hold a lot of water, so it doesn't evaporate before the candle burns out (leaving burnt essential oils that are difficult to clean off).

13cm tall
11cm across top
9 cm across base

Candle included.


KN95 Mask with valve Pack of x5 masks (£2.99 each)

KN95 mask with valve pack of x 5 masks (£2.99 each mask)

We have a few masks we are selling at cost price, as we know they are difficult to buy.
They are very useful for immune vulnerable and elderly who if you have to go to shops or use public transport or interact with strangers.

They are reusable, we advise spraying them after each use with our Immune defence essential water spray, see Organic floral waters menu. 

Please note the design and type of mask may vary.


Massage Dish

White ceramic massage dish to match our Aromatherapy Candle Burner.

Holds enough oil for one full body massage.


Essential Oils for Home Use Chart


This beautiful laminated chart is great for brightening any room whilst providing a quick reference point for some of the wonderful ways essential oils can be put to practical and healing use.

Width: 88cm
Height: 18cm

Essential oils have been used for medicine and therapeutic treatments for thousands of years, and can be used as a blended massage oil, in the bath, as a wash, as a cold compress, in a cream or lotion, in an oil burner or simply as a gorgeous personalised perfume.

Created by Liz Cook in conjunction with Sophia Bee, who qualified in Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy through the AAPA at Essential Care Training in South London in 1999.

The following essential oils are featured in this chart: bergamot, black pepper, cedawood, chamomile, geranium, grapefruit, jupiter, lavender, lemon, melissa, myrrh, niaouli, peppermint, rose, rosemary and sandalwood. It also includes carrier oils (sesame oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, comfrey oil, hempseed oil and grapeseed oil) and dilution formulas.

Symbols are used to show recommended usage and also to highlight the notes of each oil.

"I received a chart - 16 essential oils for home use - from a dear friend. It is absolutely fantastic. It is lovely to look at: a feast of information that inspires me to do all sorts of things re holistic therapies. Please accept my thanks." - Ros Turnbull


NHR Organic Oils Gift Voucher

The perfect gift. Available in £25, £50, £100, £250, £500 

If you do not need a paper certificate, then you can request the voucher code by email, and avoid paying postage costs by selecting the 'collect by hand' option at the check out.
Vouchers can be used for any orders: online orders or in person in our shop

For Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or just to say...'Thank you'!


Optional atomiser spray


To give a fine mist spray to the floral waters


Mixing Bottle 100mls

An elegant bottle made from recycled Italian glass

Perfect for mixing your own blends and remedies


Measuring pipette

Allows you to measure essential and carrier oils with accuracy, from 0.5ml up to 3mls.


Mill Retreat Centre £500 Deposit

Mill Retreat Centre £500 Deposit  
(non refundable)

Please put in special instructions box during checkout, the dates and details of your booking.

Please note: your credit card will be charged under the name: NHR Organic Oils which is part of the Mill retreat centre.

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NHR Organic Essential Oils Distillation Diploma course £500 Deposit

£500.00   Sorry the course is now full
NHR Organic Essential Oils Distillation Diploma course £500 Deposit  

Please put in special instructions box during checkout, the dates and details of your booking.

Checkout note: Please click on" No delivery - I will collect by hand." box, on the final checkout page, otherwise you will be charged an unnecessary small postage charge but we will offset it if you forget when you pay the balance.


Miscellaneous expense

Miscellaneous expense