Organic Lavender Chocolates

Lavender is a classic flavouring for chocolates and though not quite as fashionable these days as it once was, it is still one of our favourites. The sweet, warm, aromatic quality of lavender mixes perfectly with the bitterness of dark chocolate making a subtly fragrant blend that is quite delicious.

At NHR we believe in using all organic products but when using essential oils to flavour foods it is especially important that they are both organic and food grade.

These amounts are enough for 3 to 4 chocolate moulds depending on their size and depth.

120g raw cacao powder
100g raw cacao butter
20g virgin coconut butter
80g agave nectar
Tiny pinch of crystal or sea salt

2 drops organic lavender essential oil

Melt the butters gently in a bain marie/ double boiler and when they are completely liquid stir in the sieved chocolate powder and agave syrup until well mixed and the consistency of melted chocolate – be careful not to overheat or the consistency will begin to turn a little grainy and ‘cooked’.  Add a tiny pinch of salt and 2 drops of organic food grade lavender essential oil, then stir well. Using a spoon, fill your moulds and pop in the fridge for an hour before tucking in. It really couldn’t be simpler!


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