Bees and NHR Organic Oils essential oils use

Kolinka has invited one of our NHR Organic Oil customers, Jim Turnball to share some of this thoughts on his natural beekeeping philosophy and the ways that he utilises NHR Organic essenital oils in his bee hives. All around the world, honey bees are struggling to stay healthy and maintain their hives. Chemical treatments and the use of imported bees from afar show us that our modern ways of beekeeping are unsustainable. The Natural Beekeeping Trust believes that we must understand, respect and support the essential biological needs of the bee in a holistic way – it’s called bee-centred beekeeping. We provide links below for further information.

Jim Turnbull has been collecting swarms for some time now, Jim gives the queen plenty of room to move around and keeps inspections to a minimum which he believes are stressful to the bees.

Full inspections are very stressful to bees and I try to keep these to the absolute minimum. Before you tear their home apart ask yourself if or why it is necessary for you to invade their home.

When you must invade, plan ahead and work gently and methodically.

I use the essential oil spray during inspections rather than smoke whenever possible although there are a few occasions when I do still use a smoker (or both in tandem) t is apparent how calm the bees are during and after an inspection when using essential oil syrup spray rather than smoke, but who can blame them? Would you rather have a visitor blowing smoke through your windows and doors causing fire panic, or a visitor who brings gifts of your favourite food to feast on while they take a look around?

Below are some of the oils that Jim has found beneficial to his bees:

Organic Thyme: Used widely in beekeeping to combat varroa mites although it is absolutely critical to follow recommended doses.

Organic Wintergreen: Used for the control of tracheal mites and small hive beetles.

Organic Lemongrass: The smell of lemongrass is believed to mimic pheromones produced by worker bees. Lemongrass is used in a variety of ways, for example as a food supplement as an anti-fungal and anti-viral. It also is useful in a spray bottle to calm bees and also when introducing a
new queen.

Organic Spearmint: Used in conjunction with lemongrass during feeding to improve hive health and is also useful against varroa mites.

Organic Tea Tree: Used to control mites and can be interchanged with wintergreen.

Please note that although essential oils are natural, they are not natural to bees necessarily. Always use the best quality, food grade oils and it is critical to follow recommended doses.

Essential oil and beekeeping by Jim Turnbull
These notes have been produced with the presumption that the reader has some previous practical experience in beekeeping. I use these mixes exclusively and NOT in addition to any other propriety beekeeping treatments available.
First make stock syrup of appropriate essential oil mix and keep in a screw top bottle for use as required.
Use the stock syrup as two teaspoons (10ml) per 1ltr (ratio = 1/100) of 1:1 sugar water Syrup spring and summer or similarly add two teaspoons per litre to 2:1 autumn feeding syrup.
Stock syrup recipe for spring and summer
IMPORTANT; Use only FOOD GRADE pure ORGANIC essential oils
(I use NHR Organic essential oils)
Water 18 fl oz or (½ litre) note* 20 fl oz = 1 UK pint
1 ¼ lbs / 567g of sugar
1/4 teaspoon lecithin granules (used as an emulsifier) dissolved in a little warm water
8 drops spearmint oil (Mentha spicata)
8 drops lemongrass oil (Cymbopogon citratus) (makes 900 ml)
WARNING; this stock solution will have a strong scent when added to feed and should not be left open around bees, they simply can’t resist it!
Stock syrup recipe for autumn feed
Recipe as above but substitute the essential oils for;
Wintergreen 7 drops (Gaultheria procumbens)

Thyme 7 drops (Thymus vulgaris ct Linalol)

Tea tree 2 drops (Melaleuca alternifolia)
To make the stock syrup
Stir the lecithin granules into 2 tablespoons of warm water, keep stirring until dissolved.
Heat the water and stir in the sugar until dissolved. Once the sugar has thoroughly dissolved, remove from the heat and allow to cool until warm to the touch (be cautious! syrup can scald badly)
Using a whisk or machine liquidiser, add the lecithin and the essential oils. Stir until everything is emulsified and thoroughly mixed.
Store stock syrup in well sealed screw top bottle and shake before using as required.
Use two teaspoon (10ml) per 1ltr (ratio = 1/100) of 1:1 sugar water Syrup spring & summer or add to 2:1 autumn feeding syrup.
Essential oil in beekeeping notes.
(Spring and summer)
1, swarm lure (in stock syrup concentration) dampen a small piece of lint or cotton ball with stock solution and place inside your swarm bait hive.
2, Use in 1/1 ratio sugar water syrup as feed supplement described above.
3, As a spray, also in 1/1 ratio sugar water syrup instead of smoker (also as spray throughout inspection to encourage grooming)

(Autumn and winter)
1, Use in 2/1 ratio sugar water syrup as autumn feed supplement
2, Winter fondant; Add the same amount of essential oil drops as winter stock syrup recipe to 4kg of bakers fondant or (bee candy)

Note. If you are making your own fondant, add the essential oils when the fondant has cooled to body temperature.
Place in containers directly over the bee cluster.

Please note that quality pure essential oils are strong, please use sparingly and as suggested.
Both above mixes have the additional benefit of inhibiting fungal mould growth in feed syrup.

I have developed these mixtures and methods over c6years with positive results and no apparent ill effect to my bees. Indeed, I have found that varroa drop has always been well within accepted drop count and that colonies stay healthy and build strongly in springtime.

There are other considerations when using these syrups, especially as a spring summer mix feed;
1, I use the syrup feed as a supplement only, it’s important to note that bees should always have enough honey in store to last them through the severest winter. The syrup and fondant is a ‘Belt and bracers’ guard against starvation. I have witnessed colonies that have starved throughout winter, even with honey stores close by, simply because it has been too cold for them to break cluster and feed on nearby honey stores. My thoughts are that I’d rather the fondant be there above the cluster if needed, even if they don’t use it.
2, The spring summer mix is irresistible to bees. When used as a smoke substitute first spray a little on the entrance block before opening for inspection. The guard bees will be so busy mopping up this free ‘manna from heaven’ that they will simply ignore any normal activity from the beekeeper.
When the roof is removed and the cover-board cracked open to lift prior to removal, spray a little inside the top of the frames and the outer frames as you lift them to keep the house bees busy mopping up too, they will hardly notice you are there at all. Thereafter, use your spray lightly throughout inspection as necessary. It is important not to over spray or spill any feed outside the hive.
If you are unsure about this spray effectiveness, light your smoker and use as normal in conjunction with the spray until you are confident enough to use the spray alone.
3, Please be aware that the spring summer mix can encourage robbing and you should ensure that the colony is either strong enough to defend when used or that the entrance is reduced to one bee space throughout the feeding period.
4, when used as a feeding supplement, continue refilling the feeder until the bees stop or slow down in taking the syrup.

I’m sure if you ask 10 beekeepers for advice you would get an equal amount of different thoughts, briefly, here are some of mine.
Bees have been around for millennia and I’m fairly certain they will be around as long as the earth keeps spinning, irrespective of what their worst enemy, mankind, throws at them. Bees can tell you a lot if you only take time to watch, listen and interpret their signals
I have been collecting swarms for some time now and I’ve never found a swarm to be diseased or with bees suffering from a high varroa count, either from a feral swarm or otherwise
I use commercial hives on a double brood or brood and a half minimum and under normal circumstances do not use queen excluders, preferring to give the queen lots of room with freedom of the whole hive.
Full inspections are very stressful to bees and I try to keep these to the absolute minimum. Before you tear their home apart ask yourself if or why it is necessary for you to invade their home.
When you must invade, plan ahead and work gently and methodically.

I use the essential oil spray during inspections rather than smoke whenever possible although there are a few occasions when I do still use a smoker (or both in tandem)
It is apparent how calm the bees are during and after an inspection when using essential oil syrup spray rather than smoke, but who can blame them? Would you rather have a visitor blowing smoke through your windows and doors causing fire panic, or a visitor who brings gifts of your favourite food to feast on while they take a look around?

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Mothers Day March 6th

Mothers Day – 6th March 2016.

With Mothers Day just around the corner, why not treat that special person in your life to a luxurious gift. Here are some of our favourite organic products to give you some inspiration for that special person, please click here
MOTHERS DAY GIFTSWe would like to offer 10% off on all orders for Mothers Day, just quote MUM10 at the checkout.

(Offer expiries on 7/3/16).

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New PayPal Express Checkout for Mobile phones and tablets and PC’s has just been added to NHR Organic Oils Website


NHR Organic Oils New Paypal Express Checkout and Mobile phone users

We  have just introduced an a super fast and  easy Express Paypal checkout on our website to make it easy to order on your mobile phone and tablet or PC, it is for new non account customers, so you don’t have to enter any address or card details making it super fast and easy to order organic oils. The Express Paypal checkout will only appear if you not logged in to your account. Account holders can already pay by Paypal and don’t have to enter any personal details anyway.

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Happy Christmas Shopping with NHR Organic Oils 20% DISCOUNT & FREE DELIVERY

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter.

We are all wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Through this Winter, these precious, beautiful, organic oils can help us keep balance, health and light in our lives, as they connect us deeply to the source of nature and its healing essence.

We all at NHR Organic Oils want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm. May Christmas be filled with joy, excitement, happiness and peace.

Much love,

Kolinka & the NHR Organic Oils team.




 Friday 27th & Saturday 28th November

(UK time) terms apply, click here> for details.



Please choose the FREE DELIVERY OPTION when you check out.

Please note that the dispatch time will be longer than normal due to the high volume of orders expected on this promotion, however, all orders will be sent with our courier, and we will ensure they are with you before Christmas.

If you don’t want to wait that long, please select the 1st Class option, this may be a little longer than 3 days but we will use our courier for a more secure delivery date.

If your order is very urgent please choose the EXPRESS option at the check out and give us a call if it’s after 8am so we can ensure we process the order in time.

We will be offering FREE DELIVERY in the UK as a standard option beyond our promotion. The dispatch time will be up to 6 days, so if you do need your order quickly, please choose one of the paid options.

Heather raindeer









The perfect treat for Christmas, this dark chocolate is flavoured with NHR Organic Essential Oils and contains real gold leaf! CLICK HERE> to buy now.



Please allow up to 20 days to receive a dispatch notice email on orders placed on the promotion day.

We will ensure your orders are received the week before Christmas. A guaranteed next day delivery service is available for an extra surcharge if your order is urgent, you can select this at the check out. 

Please note that we are a small bespoke business, and we bottle and blend our products by hand to order, to ensure the freshest product is sent to you.

We hope you can appreciate that this means we can not always send orders as quickly as large corporations, but we feel our products and service is far more precious because of the care in putting them together and hope that you agree they are worth the wait. 



We will be open until Thursday 24th December this year, and will continue to dispatch orders on this date.

The last date for guaranteed before Christmas delivery service in the UK is Monday 21st December 2015.

We will be closed from Thursday 25th December and re-open on Wednesday 6th January 2015. You can still place orders during this period, and we will process them from the 6th January.

We wish you all a wonderful and happy Christmas & many new beginnings in 2016!

With love,

All at NHR Organic Oils

shopfront turqbluesnowWEBLARGE

*20% DISCOUNT ~Discount is not in addition to any other discounts, and is only applicable to retail size products. Excludes books & chocolates.


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3 New Job opportunities at NHR ORGANIC OILS

NHR Organic Oils is expanding as more and more people worldwide become aware of the importance of using pure organic certified oils.

So, we are looking for genuinely lovely and interested people to join our successful, fast growing business.

Firstly we are looking for a new company manager as Laura who has been with us for 6.5 years will be leaving at the end of the year.

Company Manager

We would like someone who is passionate about our products and ethics to join the company and bring with them qualities that support the staff, clients and business as a whole -someone who can oversea the general running of the business, but with lots of ideas and a willingness to learn and develop.

Responsibilities are very varied and include the following roles:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Accounts
  • Client relations
  • Stock control
  • Office Management
  • Stock Takes
  • Soil Association relations
  • Supplier relations
  • Mill Retreat Centre Booking management.

You do not need to be an expert in essential oils, but you must have an interest and enthusiasm.

This is a wonderful opportunity with great scope for development.

Workshop Staff

We are also looking for team members to support us in our workshop.

We batch and blend all our products by hand, so someone who is steady with their hands and has an eye for detail is important -we have noticed that people with a creative nature usually take to this type of work naturally and enjoy it.  You also need to be able to work in harmony with a team of people and be willing to do a range of tasks from bottling and labelling our amazing oils to washing up, recycling, and calling clients.

We are looking for full time, permanent people who can see themselves growing with the business as there is room for development in many areas.

Part time roles will also be considered as we understand the importance of work/life balance.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please email the following details to:

  • A copy of your CV
  • A little about you self and why you would like to work with us.

All positions are available immediately.

Salary’s to be negotiated.

Feel free to forward this letter to anyone you feel may be suitable.


With love, all at NHR Organic Oils


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How Essential Oils Can Help Improve Your Life

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a powerful tool to support health & well being. This is a great article by Dr. Mercola, outlining a lot of the uses and benefits of essential oils, including scientific research and the importance of quality ~which is, of course, something we feel very strongly about at NHR Organic Oils.

Use the link here to read the full article: 

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Summer 2015 Newsletter & FREE DELIVERY

Welcome to our Summer 2015 newsletter,  


and our special August offer ~ FREE UK POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS 

& £5 discount off all international orders* see below for details.  

2015 had been an extraordinary year at NHR Organic Oils, and we have been inundated with orders from all over the world. Our reputation for selling the highest quality organic oils one can buy, is now spreading to almost every country worldwide including China, Australia, Iceland, Russia, Japan, Europe,  actually every continent in the world. It is so heartening that this awareness of using such high quality certified organic oils has finally travelled so far and wide. It has been a long and exciting 25 year journey since we first started NHR Organic Oils. For the first 10 to 15 years we were mainly raising awareness of the importance or organic oils as we were almost the only company in the world that sold exclusively 100% certified organic oils, it was not a very good business model, but our passion for quality kept us going. Now it has finally come to fruition. We are glad so many people are benefiting from such lovely high quality oils, so thank you all for supporting NHR Organic Oils over the years.

The down side has been our 1 to 3 day dispatch time has been slipping this year, (on occasions to 5 or more days). Please accept our apologies, and rest assured that we have now taken on more staff, and are offering a new 1 to 3 day dispatch time guarantee on all retail orders under £500*.

We aim to get ALL orders out, large or small within 3 working days. If we can’t do this  we will telephone or email you and let you know exactly when your order will be dispatched and if it is urgent we will prioritise it. We want you to feel reassured that you are ordering the best quality organic oils in the world and that they will be dispatched within 1 to 3 days, usually within 1 or 2 working days. We will refund postage charges for all orders under £500 if we miss this 3 day dispatch deadline.

To thank you for all your support & patience during this time we are offering FREE DELIVERY for all UK orders over £50 & £5 off overseas orders over £50, throughout the month of August.

*To claim free delivery in the UK in August you must click ‘collect by hand’ at the final check out page & quote ‘FREE DELIVERY‘ in the special instructions box so we know it is not to be collected by hand.

For overseas clients please use the following voucher code at the check out to receive £5 off delivery charges: ‘THANKYOU5


We are loving citrus oils in the Summer time as they are so refreshing & light. We sell the following organic citrus oils: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit tangerine, bergamot, red mandarin & green mandarin…

Lime by Aloha Email Large

If you love lemony scents then you might like to try may chang, lemongrass, verbena and citronella, they all have their own take and have a longer shelf life than citrus oils.

Lemon by Aloha Email Large

NEW beautiful Copper Distillation kits

These stunning stills are just perfect right now as plant material comes into harvest ~ you can make your very own essential oils with these.

5 Litre Copper Still

copper still

23 Litre Copper Still

copper still 2

As it’s finally Summertime here in the UK,  the team at NHR are all making use of our Organic Floral Waters by spritzing them on our skin to keep cool, refreshed, hydrated and nourished, as well as appreciating the delicious scents and relaxing, soothing effects. We have all the gorgeous florals: rose, neroli, lavender and geranium as well as tea tree for super anti-bactierial effects.

heather spritz

Sign up to our facebook & twitter accounts to keep up to date with all our news & special offers.


The True Voice -Weekend Workshop in Brighton with Chris James

Date: 19th & 20th September 2015, 9.30am-4pm


Re-discover the power of your natural voice through self-empowering & healing life skills & practical techniques. Develop your own natural presence & resonance. Have fun with your voice & expression – singing & speaking. Experience the truth that we were all born with a beautiful voice & the ability to express freely with internationally renowned voice teacher, singer & musician – Chris James.

Venue: The Edge Community Centre, 83 Pankhurst Avenue, Brighton BN29AE

Price: Earlybird – £160 by 21st Aug / Full price: £185

Bookings Essential!

Laura Hoy Ph 07828954020


Open to everyone.

Professional Development certificates available.


The BIG SING – an interactive evening featuring Chris James & band

Date: Wednesday 16th September 2015, 7-8.30pm

chris band email large

Sing with your heart – have fun with your voice & feel the healing power of sound.

Venue: St. Paul’s Art Centre, 55b Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1EE

Price: Earlybird – £15 booked – £18 at door

Heather Hardy Ph 07743 806911



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Welcome to our Wonderful Wintery blog, full of sparkling offers, generous prizes and amazing discounts… we are all looking forward to a very merry season ahead with the support of our lovely organic oils to help you nurture and take care of your self.

Firstly we have an amazing offer on Thursday 27th November:

Heather raindeer





Thursday 27th November, 10am – midnight (UK time)

Online and in store

terms apply, click here> for details.


Secondly, you are all invited to our

Christmas Shopping Party

on Thursday 27th November,

4pm – 8pm at our lovely shop:

shopfront turqbluesnowWEBLARGE

NHR Organic Oils, 24 Chatham Place, Brighton, BN1 3TN, UK

(we’re just off the seven dials round-a-bout).

There will be 20% off our products*, and if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry, the discount will be available online from 10am – midnight (UK time)!

All the amazing freebies and special offers that you can enjoy at our party on Thursday 27th November are listed below:

1. 20% discount*

on all our products during the event

(IN STORE & ONLINE) ~perfect timing to get all your Christmas presents organised.(*terms apply, click here> for details)


FREE entry into our raffle with amazing prizes:


***WIN a beautiful MAPLE WOOD DIFFUSOR worth £93!***


Click here> to buy online.

Runners Up PRIZES

We have 20 specially blended relaxing organic lavender bath and massage oils to give away to 20 runners up at our Christmas shopping event.

B Base Massage Oil

To enter the raffle either:

a. Come to the shop party on the 27th November in person or:

b. Recommend a friend by emailing us their and your email address to write subject as “Raffle”.



Free samples of our delicious organic base oils for you to take away, for use in skin care, massage or even in foods as they are certified to organic food grade standards. In store only, but Click here> to buy online.


Free Christmas pudding & other gluten, dairy free delights as well as hot spiced cherry drinks to keep you warm and cosy.


In store only, but Click here> to buy online.

5. FREE Gift Wrap,

some gorgeous organic GIFT BOXES with 25% & 40% DISCOUNTS! Everything beautifully boxed and wrapped, ready for giving at Christmas. Click here> to buy online.



Hand massages with our wonderful therapist Sue Goodson , using our gentle organic moisturising lotions. You can book a slot in advance on 08453108066 to make sure you don’t miss out.

With expert help and advice from our lovely staff this is a great opportunity to prepare for the season in a healthy, nurturing environment.

7. We also have some of the Artists from our event earlier this year who will be selling their unique creations though out December:

Georgia Novis from Florrie who produces beautiful accessories, hand silk screen printed onto carefully designed knitwear.

florrie scarves

Fran Derbyshire from Brighton Beautiful who designs and makes unique Accessories from gorgeous vintage fabric.

BB purses

We also have a great 35% discount on our 3 Litre COPPPER DISTILLATION KITS

Was £335 now £276

Very limited stock so click here> to buy now.


Our amazing GLASS DISTILLATION KIT will also be 20% OFF on Thursday 27th November, CLICK HERE> to buy. Usually £450, but £360 during sale day.


The perfect treat for Christmas, this dark chocolate is flavoured with NHR Organic Essential Oils and contains real gold leaf! CLICK HERE> to buy now.


Orders are likely to take 1-5 working days before they are sent out around the Christmas period.  You will receive an email to confirm dispatch. A guaranteed next day delivery service is available for an extra surcharge if your order is urgent, you can select this at the check out. 



We will be open until Wednesday 24th December, and will continue to dispatch orders on this date. The last date for guaranteed before Christmas delivery service in the UK is Monday 22nd December 2014.

We will be closed from Thursday 25th December and re-open on Monday 5th January 2015. You can still place orders during this period, and we will process them from the 5th January.

We wish you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas!

With love,

All at NHR Organic Oils

*20% DISCOUNT ~Discount is not in addition to any other discounts, and is only applicable to retail size products. Excludes books, chocolates & cakes.

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Summer Time ~ Organic Floral Waters are essential!

During this sunny spell, one of my favourite ways to use essential oils is in the form of floral water.

Neroli Floral Water

Our Organic floral waters are freshly handmade using the finest Organic essential oils, carefully infused in pure mountain spring water to create wonderfully hydrating and refreshing remedies. Floral water is similar in properties and aroma to essential oil but in a more gentle form, making it versatile and safe to use, even directly on skin and especially suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

They are a pure, gentle and light way to scent the skin. The nourishing effects of the pure oils are refreshing, toning and hydrating to the skin, the scent from the flowers is clear and beautiful. The floral waters are incredibly practical; you can apply a little to your bowl of water for cleansing, or onto cotton wool to clean skin. You can also use a spritzer in the bottle so you can spray a mist over the face and body like a toner, this feels completely amazing! Keep it on your desk or in your hand bag to refresh the skin throughout the day, it is especially useful in Summer time, to calm nerves, and to clear the room.

Our delicious and divine treatments come in Organic Rose, Neroli (Orange blossom), Lavender and Geranium.

Organic Rose Otto Floral Water ~ deeply hydrating and nourishing

This luxurious and rare floral water is one of our most popular products. The Rose petals are handpicked just before dawn, when the exquisite fragrance is at its best. Suitable for all skin types, especially dray and mature, also supports skin prone to redness.

Aroma: Honey and rosy. With Organic Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena).

Organic French Lavender Floral Water ~deeply relaxing and refreshing

Lavender cools and soothes irritated skin, whilst clearing everyday stress and tension. Suitable for all skin types. Very cleansing and antimicrobial so perfect to spray in sick rooms.

Aroma: Beautiful, aromatic and fresh.

With Organic French Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia).

 Organic Neroli (Orange blossom) Floral Water ~Exotic and uplifting

This light and delicate floral water is suitable for normal to dry skin.  It is very gentle and can even be used with babies -a drop in baby’s milk can help to soothe colic.

Aroma: Exotic, floral, orange blossom scent.

With Organic Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara).

Organic Geranium Floral Water ~ Balancing

Refreshing and uplifting. Geranium helps to soothe and balance hormones. Especially good for combination skin. I often recommend it to those experiencing hot flushes.

Aroma: Sweet and floral.

With Organic Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens).

 Click here to buy from our website.

100ml £13.99, optional atomiser spray £1.27

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Natural Face and Body Cream Making Workshop

Natural Face and Body Cream Making Workshop

by Laura Hoy

Below are the notes from the workshop I ran at NHR Organic Oils today, with instruction on how to make your own completely natural face and body cream, with out any chemicals, emulsifiers or preservatives. Please ask any questions as these are the notes that went with the practical session, but hopefully they will be clear enough for you to re-create your own version of this yummy cream…

pot of cream

Organic Face and Body Cream, Workshop Notes


During the workshop we will go through the process together of making your own completely  organic, natural face and body cream, without using any chemicals, emulsifiers or preservatives.

When the cream is ready, and you have your own pot to take away, you can choose to mix in essential oils or not, and if so, you can choose one or a few different essential oils to mix in, and a blend strength that suits its intended use (up to 1% for the face, and up to 5% for the body).  See blend strength chart in my previous blog for more details.

If you decide to make your own cream after the workshop, then you can follow the recipe used, but you may like to vary the ingredients a little according to your skin type, or to get a specific effect.

Just be aware that you need to keep the ratios of different types of products the same -so keep the amount of water, oil, butter and wax products used the same.  There is room for a little variation here, you just need to be aware that if you use more water products, the cream will have a thinner consistency, and if you use more cocoa butter then it will be thicker in consistency, so you can tailor this to your desire too.

The recipe we will use is for a simple cream involving no emulsifier.  Most cosmetic creams will use an emulsifier of some kind -usually emulsifying wax.  This is because to make a cream, you need to mix oil and water together, two substances that don’t like to mix with each other.  An emulsifier kind of thickens the two and makes them like each other.  They are made from chemicals, and cannot be natural or organic. So this recipe is a little tricky, as it involves mixing the ingredients carefully so they don’t split.  But, it is possible, because basically this is how mayonnaise is made.  You will need to use a fairly good blender, whereas with an emulsifying wax you can usually just whisk the ingredients. The recipe does include beeswax, and this is naturally emulsifying so helps the process.


Waters (floral waters/ herbal infusions)
200ml Floral water or infusion (or blend of both)
1 tea spoon of vegetable glycerine

Oils (Butters/ Wax)
130ml base/vegetable oil
70g Coconut oil (or a mixture of coconut and cacao and shea butter)

10g beeswax

Optional Extras

Aloe vera gel or Aloe vera water –include this with the water ingredients (50ml aloe, 150 floral water).
5ml vitamin E
1-2ml Essential oil for face creams and 4-8ml for body (see blend strength chart in my blending blog for more details).

About the ingredients:


Floral waters

There are 2 versions of floral water, you can use the water that is produced during distillation of an essential oil, or you can use a handmade version, which is spring water mixed with an essential oil, left for a week or 2 and shaken intermittently, and then filtered.  They are similar in action to essential oils but much gentler.


An infusion is basically just like making a cup of herbal tea (a proper cup of herbal tea that is not made from a dried up old bag of dust).  You place your choice of herbs in a tea pot (or cup) and pour boiling water over the herbs.  One heaped tea spoon (double the amount if using fresh material rather than dried) to 175ml of water is a standard therapeutic infusion. If using a cup, make sure you cover it to keep the volatile oils from escaping with the steam. Leave to steep for 10 minutes, and strain before use.


Base or Vegetable Oils

These are cold pressed from the fruit nut or seed of a plant, for example olive (fruit) almond (nut) or sunflower (seed).  Make sure you use good quality oil that has not been refined, as this will have destroyed many of the nutritious qualities of the oil.

These are some of my favourite base oils to use on the face:

Avocado ~ rich, nourishing, hydrating.

Rosehip ~ one of the best base oils for helping scars to heal.

Apricot ~ gentle

Macadamia ~ rich, nourishing –has a gorgeous strong scent.

Macerated oils

An infused oil is carrier oil that has been ‘infused’ with the goodness of a herb or flower for example marigold/calendula or St. Johns wort. Generally the plant material is immersed into a carrier oil e.g. olive or almond oil, and either left naturally to heat in the sun over a period of weeks, or heated in a bain-marie over a couple of hours.  The oil absorbs many of the plants properties and the leached plant material is strained out of the oil.


Again, these have been cold pressed from part of the plant, and include Cocoa, Coconut, Mango, and Shea.  They are solid at room temperature, and bring a creamy effect to the product and have a nourishing effect on the skin, usually high in vitamins and fatty acids.


This is what helps the cream to emulsify, try to find a good quality and trustworthy source.  It is also an emollient, very soothing and protecting.

Vitamin E -optional

This is a great natural preservative.

Essential oils -optional

Essential oils are normally steam distilled from various parts of plants such as flower, leaves, fruit, roots and bark. With citrus oils it is usually just pressed from the peel, and some delicate material will use a solvent to gentle extract the oil.  They have a strong scent to them, so are a lovely way to personalise your blend, but also have very potent healing properties that affect the body on a physical and level as well as the way we feel.  Even though the cream is complete on its own, the essential oils will bring another dimension to the effect.

These are some of my favourite essential oils to use on the face:

Rose ~ hydrating, nourishing and deeply nurturing.

Lavender ~ cleansing, clearing, gentle, antimicrobial (see my blog post on Lavender for more details).

Benzoin ~ protective.

Chamomile (Roman chamomile)~ soothing, calming, delicate, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, (see my blog post on chamomile for more details).

Myrrh ~ deeply healing, great for scars.

Mandarin ~ gentle, toning, light.

Geranium ~ balancing, feminine, supports hormones.

Neroli (orange blossom) ~ calming, gentle, soothing.



Bain marie/ double boiler

Measuring jug

A decent blender


Pots or containers for finished product -make sure they are cleaned and sterilised by rinsing with some boiling water, and completely dry.


Prepare the ingredient first, measure and weigh the amounts so they are ready to add in at the appropriate moment.

ingredients for cream

Melt all the solid oil base products by gently heating them in a bain marie or double boiler.  Then add the liquid oil products to this, you may need to heat it through a little more, as the cool liquids can cause the mixture to begin solidifying again.

When they are completely melted pour this mixture into a blender and let it cool down for a few minutes.  The melted mixture should become a little opaque in colour, but not to the point that it is beginning to solidify, see it has a buttery appearance:

buttery blending

Put the blender on a low setting and add just a little of the water based products at a time. You will see it become milky in appearance:

Milky blending

and eventually thickens to a cream:


Take your time when adding the water and blending, as adding too much water initially will make it difficult to emulsify and it will be more likely to split.  If the cream splatters up the sides of the blender, use the spatula to get all the mixture in the bottom each time you add more water, so the entire mixture is evenly blended.

If you decide to add Vitamin E and essential oils to the cream, do this at the very end as you do not want to expose them to heat.  Pour the mixture into some little pots or jars.  Ensure they are clean and dry –I usually pour some boiling water into them to sterilize them first and then dry them.  Pour the cream as soon as it’s ready, as it will become thicker as it cools, and more difficult to get out.

As in the workshop, you can add essential oils at this point too–if you have several containers and you want to create different blends for each one, then it’s ideal.  I find it quite practical to use a chop stick to stir them through.

Shelf Life

Because this cream is very natural and does not contain chemicals or preservatives, it is likely to only last 2-3months.  I would recommend keeping it in a cool dark cupboard or in the fridge if you can.  It will usually only go off if it becomes contaminated somehow.  Make sure you don’t use any water from the tap if making an infusion, use spring water.

Using your cream

Having made the cream from scratch, and knowing all the wonderful ingredients that go into it, it can help me to be a little more focused on my skin care routine, to be more appreciative of this time with myself.  It’s particularly lovely to massage gently around the jaw, and to take this time to let go of any tension held in this area.  And begin to become more aware of the tension held in other areas in the face –cheeks, eyes!  I also use the cream on my neck across the top of my chest, massaging just under the collar bones which delicately allows me to become more open around the chest area, I can feel the difference in my whole body especially my posture, when I do this. Basically, just enjoy using it on any part of your body : )


Here are some ingredient variations for inspiration when designing your own versions:

Rich, hydrating and nourishing, for dry and mature skin

Rose floral water

Avocado, macadamia

Cocoa, coconut, shea

Rose, frankincense, myrrh

Gentle and soothing, for sensitive skin

Neroli floral water, chamomile infusion

Apricot, camellia oil


Neroli, Chamomile, Mandarin

Eczema, delicate itchy and damaged skin

Lavender floral water, chamomile infusion

Evening Primrose, starflower/borage oil

Coconut oil, shea butter

Chamomile, lavender, benzoin

Light and balancing for young, oily, combination skin

Geranium floral water

Grape seed, apricot oil

Coconut oil, shea butter

Geranium, lemon

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