NHR Organic Oils July 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to our July 2012 Newsletter, there has been lots happening, please read on and find out.


Our first NHR Organic Essential Oil  Course was held in May at the Mill Retreat Centre, and it was a great success (See feedback below).

It was heartening to see people enjoying themselves so much, and deepen their understanding of how Organic Essential oils are made, in a practical and hands on way.

The Course has become very popular, the September 2012 one is already fully booked, and the May 2013 one is filling up fast, so we will announce the September 2013 dates soon. If you are interested in joining in May 2013 we advise you book soon click here.

Why we set up the NHR Organic Essential Oils Couse:

After 20 years running NHR Organic Oils and now the Mill Retreat Centre, it felt it was the right time to share my experience, knowledge and interest in Organic Essential Oils with others. I found most of my aromatherapy training dry and theoretical.  I did not gain much knowledge about essential oils themselves: how they are extracted, or what makes a really good quality organic essential Oil. I often found myself getting quite bored.  I decided to start a course would hopefully be breaking new ground.

The is to make the courses the Mill Retreat Centre as practical, enjoyable and fun as possible, and not overwhelm people with intellectual knowledge. Instead of just giving lectures, the course is filled with original, dynamic, intuitive and scientific exercises. We distil our own organic essential oils on site.  We plant and pick organic lavender plants in the Mill herb garden so that we can learn about cultivation and organic farming.  We also have an onsite GLC Chromatograph for scientific analysis of oils.

We will also hand out a large Course hand book/curriculum, which can be read after the course to free up our time for practical work. Hopefully satisfying the most demanding intellect.

There is also a Subtle Aromatherapy modules where we intuitively explore the energetic properties of essential oils. When we trust our intuition; we then have the chance to become original, creative individuals.  To quote good old Einstein “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

To be a good aromatherapist we need a better understanding of essential oils themselves, students are simply taught their therapeutic properties, but have never actually made or distilled essentials oils themselves, or even know much about how or why plants produce essentials or what makes a truly good high quality essential oil, these are some of the areas we are introducing into the New NHR Organic Oils Essential Oil School.

We will be Planting and picking lavender plants in the Mill Herb Garden, learning about farming to Soil association organic standards actually getting our hands dirty with soil and cutting and harvesting the flowers and leafs. Understanding what makes a truly healthy plant which in turn makes truly good quality oil.

Looking at how essential oils are actually made in the plant from the Glandula Trichomes:

Course Out line:

*Distillation of your own organic essential oils on site.

* Learning about the importance of organic farming to Soil Association standards, and growing aromatherapy plants in the Mill’s beautiful herb garden.

* The art of cooking with organic essential oils, to make delicious and nourishing meals.

* Exploring the subtle and energetic properties of essential oils, using colour, creativity and intuition.

* Learn the chemical constituents of organic essential oils and how these chemicals therapeutically affect the body. An explanation of GLC (Gas liquid Chromatography) charts.

* Learn the properties of 40 Organic Base Vegetable oils.

* Massage treatments with essential oils you have made yourself.

* Exercises and meditation.

Lavender cupcakes made during the course.

Cooking with Essential Oils

The ‘NHR Organic Essential Oil Course’ is the first of many courses we am planning at the Mill Retreat Centre.  Over the next three years, we aim to launch a range of courses from Beginners to Intermediate as well as a three-year degree course and a Postgraduate Master Degrees affiliated with a UK university.  we are also working with a Japanese company who have a large number of students, all incredibly keen to join the course, so that will start up next year with translators.  Japan has the strongest and most vibrant aromatherapy community.   If you would like to help and get involved in these new projects, either as a student or as a teacher or curriculum writer, please contact us at the email below.

If you would like to book a place on the Next available course in May 2013

2013 NHR Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Course  £695 Weekend of Friday 3rd of May to Monday 6th of May 2013

To book click here>

Or for more detail on the course click here>


What did you enjoy most about the course?

The laughter and joy of meeting like-minded people and sharing information. Sue


Subtle aromatherapy, the really detailed distilling module.  Rozane


The new information- we touched subjects that weren’t taught on m other diploma (for instance, hands on distillation). Also, the amount of like-minded people I met and I’ll stay in touch with.


I had an amazing time overall- meet some really beautiful people and learning and connecting with people for all walks of life. I hope that people benefitted for my knowledge as much as I benefitted from others. Susannah


How would you improve the course if you were running it?

An indication that there would be an intermediate /advanced course in the future. Sue


The cooking with essential oils would be richer if we could work with 3 dishes and 3 oils, ……Rozane

How would you rate your teachers?

Excellent- very informative but relaxed style. SJ


10/10 10/10


Both were excellent and clearly passionate about the field they work in, which can’t but help rub off on students. It was a pleasure and delight to meet both. Carol.


Kolinka is a meticulous teacher with science and factual info (very good and useful!!) and yet intuitive and insightful about more creative elements. A rare balance!

Star’s personality and vivacity puts energies into the modules and her knowledge of botany is very helpful for beginning learner’s questions, which she never minded to answer. A grateful for that! RB


Both teachers knowledge was amazing and were happy to integrate what the group could also and teach- the sign of good teachers to accept learning themselves.  S. Jenkins

How would you rate the course over all?

Extremely good- well thought out with a good mix of practical and theory.


Really good, I really enjoyed it. It was at a nice pace and I appreciated the handbook which meant that I was able to concentrate and listen/ do rather than write.


Very well thought- through; the course material book is worth its weight in gold!!

Modules are well paced, structured and timed. We were never rushed, and could learn at our own pace- invaluable for a diverse group.


Very well organised- ……………….. but a very good balance of work, practical, relaxation and play. Had a wonderful time.


Did you enjoy the Mil Retreat Centre?

Wonderful- an amazing place. Beautifully restored with love and intuition to the right comfort level.


Its feels like home, and open for up mentally(emotionally) to working and learning with attention and focus. Having on hour per day for a walk or just a sit and think is a real pleasure and privilege. The fireplace rocks!!


I think the Mile Retreat is a beautiful tranquil space. I think that Kolinka has transformed it into an amazing healing space.

How could the Mil Retreat Centre be improved?

With difficulty!

Anything else you would like to write?

The catering was amazing. A big thank you……


Just a very sincere THANK YOU for the effort and perseverance it must have taken to get this course up and running. It was worth every penny for me.

How could the Mil Retreat Centre be improved?

I don’t really see how – we had all we needed.


If you would like to book a place on the Next available course in May 2013

To book click here>

Or for more detail on the course click here>

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IFA Conference Speech  June 2012

Kolinka gave a keynote speech at the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapist) Year Conference last month.

It was a great success and it was lovely to feel the enthusiasms about the New courses and NHR Organic Oils shared with so many, we have been inundated with people wanting to know more about our new NHR Organic Essential Oil course which is now fully booked in September 2012.

The Mill Retreat Centre

EVENTS  2012

For more information on running a retreat here please contact us on 0845 310 8066 orinfo@millretreatcentre.com

July 2012

Gurdjieff Summer Seminar

29th July – 11th August 2012 (1 or 2 week seminar).

Gurdjieff Movements, Meditation, Relaxation, discussion of ideas, Eneagram, Creative thinking, Prayer…

Contact: Indira Melloul

Email indiramelloul@gmail.com

Tel: 06 10 91 83 60 / 01 60 79 45 03



For more information click here>

August 2012

Yoga Holiday

12th – 17th August 2012

Open to all, we are aiming for this holiday to be an opportunity to relax and refresh yourself with a mix of Yoga, being looked after and good company (if you want it) all taking place in the beautiful surroundings of the Mill Retreat Centre.

The teachers, Sue Peggs and Sarah Waterfield have over twenty years of teaching experience between them and will teach all aspects of yoga to suit the needs and wishes of those who join the holiday.

Contact: Sue@inneryoga.org.uk

Tel: 0117 377 9638

For more information click here>


Rati Bagis Bio-Energy Meditation

24th – 27th August 2012

To some it’s known as Shaking, a truly life changing practice, made possible by the transmission that comes from the energy master Ratu Bagus.

Contact france@ratubagus.com

Tel: Vanessa or Dominique 00 336 64 83 87 / 00 336 73 13 77 68

00 332 51 06 31 44 / 00 332 51 37 82 26

For more information Click here>

September 2012

NHR Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Course £695

Friday 31ST August to  Monday 3rd of September 2012


To book click here>

Or for more detail on the course click here>

Sacred Gardens Workshop 7th -12th September 2012

UPDATE JUNE 2012: A FEW PLACES LEFT! See below to reserve your place

A week-end residential introductory course on the universal philosophy and geometry underlying the sacred gardens of the world and how they might be interpreted when designing gardens today.  The Course will include illustrated talks on the underlying principles behind sacred gardens, practical geometry classes, and inspiring walks in the surrounding woods and lake looking at Nature’s profound spiritual symbolism.

The Course is led by Emma Clark, specialist in Islamic gardens and their spiritual symbolism, with Adam Hunt (landscaper and garden designer specialising in holistic, sustainable gardens (www.petherickurquhartandhunt.com) and Tom Bree (Geometer, artist, teacher and writer).

Cost: £500 to include full board and lodging for 3 nights beginning with a welcoming tea on Friday Sep 7th .

All fresh, organic produce prepared by excellent cooks daily in The Mill’s kitchen.

For more information please contact info@emma-clark.com or click here>

October 2012

Joyful Yoga Retreat

4th – 7th October 2012

As we welcome the changing colours of the autumn, we build our stores of energy for the winter. On this retreat morning meditation sessions, morning and afternoon asana practice and pranayama, is combined with deep relaxation to make us strong and vibrant.

Contact Raquel Alves




for more information click here>

November 2012

Yoga Retreat

Thursday 15th ~ Monday 19th November 2012

The retreat is a General level course and is suitable for students who have some experience of yoga. There will be two classes/day in the morning and evening.

Teacher: Karen Watson

357 City Rd. London EC1V 1LR


0208 533 5553

For more information click here>


2013 NHR Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Course £695 Weekend of Friday 3rd of May to Monday 6th of May 2013

A few Places left

To book click here>

Or for more detail on the course click here>

For more information about the Mill Retreat Centre Please click here

For more Information about other Events and Courses and Calendar of Availability please click here.

Thank you

All best Wishes

Kolinka, Laura and Pawel from the Mill Retreat Centre

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