Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Our second NHR Organic Essential Oil Course was held last month at the beginning of September at the Mill Retreat Centre, it is proving extraordinarily popular (See feedback below). It feels exciting to be running a course which is completely unique and so enjoyable, everyone is deepening their knowledge of how to make extremely high quality organic essential oils, all in the beautiful surroundings of the Mill Retreat Centre. People came from all across the world including Canada, the Far East, Australia, South Africa, and USA. Please read below why I set up this course.


The next NHR Organic Essential Oil Courses will be:

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th of May 2013 – There are a few places left.

Friday 6th to Monday 9th of September 2013

To book a place please or for more information on the course click here. We advise booking soon if you would like a place as the course is filling up fast, for the next in May 2013 and the September 2013.



EXCELLENT – I would highly recommend it. ….keep up this WONDERFUL WORK. I look forward to returning for another course. ……A1 – exceptional. F S

Kolinka’s – lovely energy and knowledge, heartfelt – passionate and good teacher. Dana

Perfect balance of theory/practice. Learnt so much yet never felt it was overwhelmingly busy. Mayella

10/10 being with like-minded people. I was really tentative about meeting so many strong people, but it was great. I was so pleased that I joined in (and enjoyed) everything – like the intuitive essential oil session, I leave feeling very uplifted and with lots of ideas. Food was great. Sherry

Practical hands on approach coupled with the holistic elements was so well balanced – thank you.

Great start – loved that it wasn’t filled with “knowledge” of the mental variety. Excellent. empathetic and allowing. The teaching was balanced and quite different to others – allowed real learning on many levels. Fabulous – wonderful to be so in touch with nature – and great food. Ann R.

The venue and the meeting of Kolinka. It was magical, special restful and spiritual. Kolinka was so special. C L

Why we set up the NHR Organic Essential Oils Course

After 20 years running NHR Organic Oils and now the Mill Retreat Centre, it felt it was the right time to share my experience, knowledge and interest in Organic Essential Oils with others. I found most of my aromatherapy training dry and theoretical. I did not gain much knowledge about essential oils themselves: how they are extracted, or what makes a really good quality organic essential Oil. I often found myself getting quite bored. I decided to start a course that would hopefully be breaking new ground. The aim is to make the courses at the Mill Retreat Centre as practical, enjoyable and fun as possible, and not to overwhelm people with intellectual knowledge. Instead of just giving lectures, the course is filled with original, dynamic, intuitive and scientific exercises. We distil our own organic essential oils on site. We plant and pick organic lavender plants in the Mill herb garden so that we can learn about cultivation and organic farming. We also have an onsite GLC Chromatograph for scientific analysis of oils. We also hand out a large Course hand book/curriculum, which can be read after the course to free up our time for practical work, hopefully satisfying the most demanding intellect.

There is also a Subtle Aromatherapy module where we intuitively explore the energetic properties of essential oils. When we trust our intuition; we then have the chance to become original, creative individuals. To quote good old Einstein “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

To be a good aromatherapist we need a better understanding of essential oils themselves, students are simply taught their therapeutic properties, but have never actually made or distilled essentials oils themselves, or even know much about how or why plants produce essentials or what makes a truly good high quality essential oil. These are some of the areas we are introducing into the New NHR Organic Oils Essential Oil School.

We will be planting and picking lavender plants in the Mill Herb Garden, learning about farming to Soil association organic standards, actually getting our hands dirty with soil and cutting and harvesting the flowers and leafs. Understanding what makes a truly healthy plant which in turn makes truly good quality oil.


Course Out line:

*Distillation of your own organic essential oils on site.

*Learning about the importance of organic farming to Soil Association standards, and growing aromatherapy plants in the Mill’s beautiful herb garden.

*The art of cooking with organic essential oils, to make delicious and nourishing meals exploring nourishment and nutrition.

*Exploring the subtle and energetic properties of essential oils, using colour, creativity and intuition.

*Learn the chemical constituents of organic essential oils and how these chemicals therapeutically affect the body. An explanation of GLC (Gas liquid Chromatography) charts.

*Learn the properties of 40 Organic Base Vegetable oils.

*Massage treatments with essential oils you have made yourself.

*Exercises and meditation.

*Lavender cupcakes made during the course.

*Cooking with Essential Oils.

The ‘NHR Organic Essential Oil Course’ is the first of many courses we are planning at the Mill Retreat Centre. Over the next three years, we aim to launch a range of courses from Beginners to Intermediate as well as a three-year degree course and a Postgraduate Master Degrees affiliated with a UK university. We are also working with a Japanese company who have a large number of students, all incredibly keen to join the course, so that will start up next year with translators. Japan has the strongest and most vibrant aromatherapy community. If you would like to help and get involved in these new projects, either as a student or as a teacher or curriculum writer, please contact us at the email below.


If you would like to book a place on the next NHR Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Course ~Weekend of Friday 3rd of May to Monday 6th of May 2013, £695 click here>

For more detail on the course click here>


The Mill Retreat Centre updates 2012:



We have just bought a charming tiny new electric car for the Mill, but what I feel so excited about is that we will use the River Mill wheel turbine to power it, so it will be charged from our own private 100% carbon neutral natural power source, the river. Completing the whole circle of energy production and transport in to a pollution free solution. Because the main problem with electric cars at the moment is you charge them from your mains socket which gets Mains electricity from quite high polluting sources e.g. Gas, coal, nuclear etc. (long term nuclear waste pollution)

See photo of our new little green Mill Retreat Centre car:

The Mill Retreat Centre turbine that generates free carbon and pollution free electricity from the river.




We have updated our minibus from the old 16 seater to a new 23 seater to accommodate large groups at the Mill. The minibus can pick you up from anywhere in the UK and drive you directly to the Mill Retreat Centre making getting there so easy and hassle free.



We have added a lovely new outside bedroom in the form of a beautiful Gypsy wagon which people staying at the Mill Retreat Centre can choose if they want, it has a luxurious huge queens size bed inside and a cosy heater, with stained glass window, and is situated just next to the river and lake. It is so fun to be in; we think it will be an idyllic option for people who like to be closer to nature.


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