A Successful Open Week!

We had a great open week at the beginning of December to celebrate NHR’s new look shop and met some lovely customers, both old and new. People tried out the oils, tasted the aromatherapy chocolates and sipped herbal teas whilst Deborah relaxed everyone with soothing hand massages.

Our evening party was lots of fun as we got to chat to people about their interest in essential oils and share ideas about how to work with them. We made an array of tasty treats using our own organic, food grade oils including lavender and lemon biscuits and rose and cardamom chocolates.

Perhaps the most popular were Heather’s delicious nut balls so we convinced her to share her secret recipe here, just in time for you to make some of your own for Christmas.

Heather’s Delicious Nut Balls:

1 large cup of ground cashew nuts (grind thoroughly until the mix starts to stick together)
1 good tbsp of hazelnut butter
Agave to taste
1/4 tsp of  vanilla essence (or ground cinnamon)
A little olive oil
4 drops of peppermint essential oil (or tangerine essential oil)

Add the hazelnut butter, agave and vanilla essence to the ground cashew nuts. In a separate container add 4 drops of the peppermint oil to a little olive oil and mix well, then pour over nut mix. Begin mixing all of the ingredients together using a fork. The essential oil needs to be evenly distributed through the mixture which will gradually form a dough. When you feel that everything has been evenly mixed, begin making the nut balls by taking a small portion of the mixture and rolling it gently in the palm of your hands. They sit nicely in small sweet cases and can be dusted lightly with ground cinnamon (optional).

Alternatively ground cinnamon and tangerine essential oil work well together.

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