600 Roses for Valentines Day

This month we have a special offer on one of our most popular products: Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil Blend,  (blended with Organic Sunflower oil at 5% strength). 

SPECIAL PRICE £13.98, 10ml, (usually £16.95) until 14th February.

There are around 600 rose flowers used in this product, which is made by steam distillation using the petals that are hand-picked at dawn when the fragrance is at its best.  You only need to use a few drops on your skin to feel that you are seriously nourishing yourself.

One of our favourite ways to use this product is to massage a couple of drops just under the collar bones (both sides), usually there is a hollow area here, it is an area where many of us close in or contract ourselves around the heart -our shoulders hunch or become rounded). This technique supports us to open up the heart area, to become aware of when our bodies are contracting, and to be open to love!

Since it is already diluted in Organic Sunflower oil, it is very easy to use.   With a sensual, rosy, honey floral scent, it is incredibly decadent dotted onto your skin as a perfume; exquisitely luxurious added to a bath ~make sure you run the bath first and add the drops just as you get in to appreciate the scent; it is delicious applied to the face as a night oil ~you can mix a drop into your night cream to enrich it.

A perfectly divine Valentine’s Day gift!

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