Summer Time ~ Organic Floral Waters are essential!

During this sunny spell, one of my favourite ways to use essential oils is in the form of floral water.

Neroli Floral Water

Our Organic floral waters are freshly handmade using the finest Organic essential oils, carefully infused in pure mountain spring water to create wonderfully hydrating and refreshing remedies. Floral water is similar in properties and aroma to essential oil but in a more gentle form, making it versatile and safe to use, even directly on skin and especially suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

They are a pure, gentle and light way to scent the skin. The nourishing effects of the pure oils are refreshing, toning and hydrating to the skin, the scent from the flowers is clear and beautiful. The floral waters are incredibly practical; you can apply a little to your bowl of water for cleansing, or onto cotton wool to clean skin. You can also use a spritzer in the bottle so you can spray a mist over the face and body like a toner, this feels completely amazing! Keep it on your desk or in your hand bag to refresh the skin throughout the day, it is especially useful in Summer time, to calm nerves, and to clear the room.

Our delicious and divine treatments come in Organic Rose, Neroli (Orange blossom), Lavender and Geranium.

Organic Rose Otto Floral Water ~ deeply hydrating and nourishing

This luxurious and rare floral water is one of our most popular products. The Rose petals are handpicked just before dawn, when the exquisite fragrance is at its best. Suitable for all skin types, especially dray and mature, also supports skin prone to redness.

Aroma: Honey and rosy. With Organic Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena).

Organic French Lavender Floral Water ~deeply relaxing and refreshing

Lavender cools and soothes irritated skin, whilst clearing everyday stress and tension. Suitable for all skin types. Very cleansing and antimicrobial so perfect to spray in sick rooms.

Aroma: Beautiful, aromatic and fresh.

With Organic French Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia).

 Organic Neroli (Orange blossom) Floral Water ~Exotic and uplifting

This light and delicate floral water is suitable for normal to dry skin.  It is very gentle and can even be used with babies -a drop in baby’s milk can help to soothe colic.

Aroma: Exotic, floral, orange blossom scent.

With Organic Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara).

Organic Geranium Floral Water ~ Balancing

Refreshing and uplifting. Geranium helps to soothe and balance hormones. Especially good for combination skin. I often recommend it to those experiencing hot flushes.

Aroma: Sweet and floral.

With Organic Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens).

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100ml £13.99, optional atomiser spray £1.27

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