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NHR Organic Oils Guarantees and Ethical Policy


Packaging Information

We have changed to sustainable recycled paper packaging at NHR Organic Oils and ending the use of plastic.

Will our packaging manager, has been on a mission to change all our packaging to environmental friendly non-plastic, for example our plastic bubble wrap, has been changed to sustainable recycled paper bubble wrap packaging.  When it comes to parcel packaging, our push to go green is a priority for us. We no longer buy any new plastic for parcel packaging. 

New recycled paper craft Bubble wrap

Eco recycled corn packing chips

New Paper fragile tape

Paper filled padded envelopes

Octopus power supply from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water

We are now using die cut 3D honeycomb structure recycled Kraft paper with tissue interleaf paper as a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. Small orders are now sent out in recyclable padded paper fibre envelopes instead of plastic bubble rape lined ones. we use corn-based  When we have a delivery with styro chips or bubble wrap, we reuse them to keep them in circulation for as long as possible so that they don’t just end up in landfill or the sea. We also reuse cardboard and Kraft paper. We are about to source natural bottles plastic alternatives for example bamboo, sugar cane, rice husk, hemp bottles so we can stop using plastic petro plastic bottles and jars.

It feels such an important time for everyone to do all we can to help with the environment. For example all our power is supplied by Octopus Energy which is from100% renewable sources.


At NHR Organic Oils we take great care over our packaging. We endeavour to find the right containers for the right products to ensure the oils are not only protected from heat and light, but are also secure during transit. 

We review our packaging regularly to make sure we are using the safest and the most environmentally friendly containers.

Our Code of Ethics

  • No ingredients are tested on animals, in agreement with the ‘Cosmetic Industry Coalition for Animal Welfare’ CICAW cut off date of 1976. This is the strictest guidelines on animal testing in the UK. STATING: No ingredients which have been tested on animals since 1976 can be used in any product. This is in contrast to other standards used in the UK which say no ingredients can be used which have been tested on animals for 2 or 4 years only - allowing companies to test their products on animals wait 2 years and then sell them saying " Have not been tested on animals’. Look for the Compassion/Truth logo 1976 on products.
  • All products are biodegradable and contain nothing harmful to humans or the environment.
  • All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • All ingredients are fully listed on the label so you can make an informed choice.
  • Highest quality ingredients are used. Most ingredients are organic or wild grown.
  • All glass bottles are made from recycled glass or are recyclable.
  • All packaging, brochures and cards are printed on 100% recycled paper.
  • NHR remedies contain no preservatives, no colouring, no emulsifiers, no solubilizer.
  • Only pure natural ingredients!
  • We aim to give our customers the highest quality service, and good value at all times.

NHR Organic Oils is powered by 100% renewable electricity from Octopus


NHR Organic Oils has voluntarily made the 'Truth in Labelling' pledge to meet the Natural Ingredient Resource Centre criteria for labelling natural ingredients and products.