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Welcome to The Mill Retreat Centre

Part of NHR Organic Oils 

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- A spectacular centre for hire -


The Mill Retreat Centre is a slice of heaven on earth."

"We had the most wonderful and moving time there and everything about the place the grounds, the building, the warm, non-intrusive hospitality of the staff and the chefs magnificent cooking facilitated the work we were trying to do. We touched very deep levels and also had lots of fun. We will definitely come back and I will recommend it as widely as possible."

"The best retreat Centre in the world."

For more great feedback reviews and testimonials and video reviews click here 

The Mill Retreat Centre is a spectacular large centre available to hire for your own private events and groups. The centre is only for groups who are working for the good in some form, this is to ensure a powerful and positive ethos, Example of groups who use the centre are: Environmental, charitable, creative, spiritual, religious, alternative medicine, Yoga and more. The Mill Retreat centre sleeps up to 50-60 people and has a huge, light meditation and yoga room for up to 75 people.  Update 2013: we have just added 5 ensuite bathrooms and 2 lovely Gypsy wagons to sleep in in the grounds click here.

We offer a huge marketing support to groups who hire the centre by including details of your events in our newsletter which is sent to over 10,000 email addresses all who have signed up for their interest in this area. We also put on your events details on our website page. All this helps organizers to get fully booked events. It is another reason that booking the Mill retreat centre is unique and special.



Kolinka Zinovieff's vision for the Mill Retreat Centre is for it to be used by groups who are doing work for the good and hold the highest ethical standards. "I think the ethos, energy and atmosphere of a place is reflected and enhanced by the type of people who use it. It is for this reason I strictly vet who is able to use the Mill Retreat Centre. The Mill was set up as part of NHR Organic Oils to run Essential oils courses and to grow Lavender plants, to extend NHR Organic Oils work into France and to run retreats and courses 

 You can also join a number of programs that are run throughout the year. We offer full board with delicious organic cuisine or the option of self catering. We offer exceptionally good value while maintaining the highest standards.

The Mill Retreat Centre Set in 30 acres of stunning grounds. With a spectacular 10 acre lake, a beautiful river running underneath the centre, and  views of enticing woodland. All combine to make the Mill Retreat Centre a natural paradise for people and wildlife alike. Enabling one to simply be and relax, by going on lovely walks round the lake,  to bird watching to unwinding next to the sparkling river.



Easier, faster and cheaper to get to than most UK retreat Centres and of course more exciting! Use our new private luxury coach from only £27 each way per person.


The Mill Retreat Centre is surprisingly easy to get to, only 2.5 hours journey from London by train and car. Or we provide our own private luxury coach pick-up service for up to 27 passengers from anywhere in London (or anywhere in the UK or France) directly to the Centre at special reduce rates from £45 per person return . Alternatively just take the Eurostar train from London to Calais (59 minutes) and be picked up by our private luxury coach for the 90 minute drive to the Mill, total journey time only 2.45 hours. The travel cost is from £45 per person, see Directions and Maps menu for details. 



 5 acre Nature Reserve in the 30 acres Mill Retreat Centre grounds


Swans in the Mill Retreat Centre's 10 acre huge lake


Barrington Machon (Baz) and Julie Mack are the Mill Retreat Centres extremely high quality and versatile cooks, and  will take care of all the catering requirements. Their food is absolutely stunning using mostly organic ingredients, and the feedback is invariably 10/10 for the wonderfully delicious food. We are very creative and flexible and will cater for most individual dietary requirements, from vegetarian, Dairy free, wheat free, various allergies and will cook meat too if requested. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and delicious cooks at the Mill Retreat Centre, as well as being lovely warm and friendly.



The Mill Retreat Centre was discovered by Kolinka Zinovieff in 2007. It was very run down and dilapidated, but he could see that with some loving care and hard work it could be turned into a wonderful and spectacular retreat centre. The grounds looked like a one hundred year old thicket from a fairy tale: totally impenetrable, but also magical in its wildness. In 2007/2008, Kolinka commissioned a team to renovate the whole Mill and grounds. Kolinka added a spectacular and huge wooden panelled meeting room in the attic which can accommodate up to 100 people. "The team of builders did such a brilliant job and were so friendly and worked such to a high standard. I asked one of them, Pawel Rel to stay on and live at the Mill permanently as the caretaker - his dream job come true he says. He will look after you while you stay at the Mill, so if anything practical needs sorting or fires lighting he is on hand.



"I am in the process of converting the large old Mill wheel to generate green electricity, making the centre self sufficient and carbon Positive i.e generating more energy than we use. This excess electricity will then be fed back into the national grid. The project is a huge challenge, and steep learning curve for us all, it will take 3 years. we are half way through now (2012). The old Mill wheel turbine is an extremely unusual and rare design. It has a vertical axis and the turbine wheel is permanently underwater. Even though it was built 130 years ago, the design and efficiency of this turbine is nearly as good as a modern design, give or take 10%. An extraordinary feat of the Industrial Revolution engineering. So we are preserving the original turbine intact rather than fitting a cheaper and newer design. Latest Hydro electric news please Click here

We have just bought an charming tiny new electric car for the Mill, but what I feel so excited about is there we will run it off the River Mill wheel turbine, so the it will be charged from our own private 100% carbon neutral natural power source, the river. Completing the whole circle of energy production and transport in to a pollution free solution. Because the main problem with electric cars at the moment is you charge them from you mains socket which gets Mains electricity from quite high polluting sources or e,g Gas, coal, nuclear etc ( long term nuclear waste pollution)

Click here to see photo of our new little green Mill Retreat Centre care the river Water wheel turbine that generates the electricity:

The Mill Retreat Centre is also home to The MLI ( Michal Levin Institute), a group of people who have been working intensely together for over 15 years on inner energetic work and life. The group is guided and lead by Michal Levin, an extraordinarily gifted teacher who has the rare ability to see energy with precise clarity, and use this gift with wisdom and responsibility. "I think there is only an handful of people in the world with this gift developed to such a rarefied degree. See for more information on her retreats and work.

I hope you have a wonderful stay at the Centre.

Kolinka Zinovieff



The retreat was perfect. 10/10. 5 stars!

I have been to many places over the years but the mill was perfect. Usually there are at least 1 or two issues but we had none. 

The cooking was superb and the open fire everyday was lovely. The house was warm and the studio beautiful as were the surroundings.

It was easy to get to and the minibus journey was so easy both there and on the return journey.

I'd like to book in for  next year...... Everyone had a great time and were very relaxed afterwards.  Please send our heartfelt thanks to Julie and Pawel for looking after us so well. And also to you for helping to organise the event. With kind regards, Karen 

 I especially wanted to say that the cooking was really stunning!

Please Contact Harriet for any enquires or bookings on:

Tel UK Mobile: ( +44) 07986 701 910

Email enquiries click here